A Focused Portfolio

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We have built a focused portfolio of 10 categories that leverage P&G strengths. In these categories, we typically occupy the number one or two share position. These are daily use categories where performance drives brand choice, which means our products must be superior.

Looking ahead, we will serve what will likely be an environment of continued focus on health, hygiene and cleaning, with consumers potentially using our products multiple times each day. Because of this, the relevance of our categories in consumers’ lives may remain high, with related consumption impacts.

For example, there may be continued focus on home with additional time at home and more meals at home. This creates more opportunities for our brands to help consumers with products like Dawn, Fairy and Cascade to clean dishes, and Swiffer, Bounty, Mr. Clean and Microban 24, our new antimicrobial surface sanitization product, to clean surfaces.

There may be sustained attention on personal cleanliness with a higher frequency of washing of hair, body and clothing. Again, this creates further opportunities to help with products, like Head & Shoulders, Pantene and Herbal Essences to clean hair; Safeguard, Olay and Old Spice to clean skin; and Tide, Ariel and Gain to clean clothing.

We have many other occasions to serve new and changing consumer needs. For example, our over-the-counter health care products provide proactive health benefits as well as important symptom relief. Proper shaving is important when wearing an N95 mask, or similar respiratory mask, to ensure a good fit for protection. Even toilet paper has seen an
increase in demand as people think about the one item they can’t live without.

Overall, we have a significant opportunity to help consumers in their pursuit of health and hygiene in a clean home.








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