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A Force for Good and A Force for Growth

Citizenship is built into how we do business every day. We’re focused on being a force for good and a force for growth in each area of our Citizenship work: Community Impact, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality, and Environmental Sustainability, all built on a foundation of Ethics & Corporate Responsibility.

Ethics & Corporate Responsibility is always critical but never more so than when operating in a crisis. Because of our track record and strong reputation as a good and responsible company, we were able to work closely with governments around the world to ensure our operations generally continued, with important safety protocols in place, enabling us to help people and their families meet their health, hygiene and cleaning needs.

We quickly pivoted our Community Impact efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic, working with 200 relief organizations to help communities in need — donating essential health, hygiene and cleaning products, as well as much needed masks, face shields and hand sanitizer. We also responded to a number of natural disasters around the world — fires, floods, hurricanes and typhoons — providing people the comforts of home, health and hygiene. And, our P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program continued to reach those in need of clean drinking water, delivering 19 billion liters of clean drinking water around the world since the start of the program.

In Gender Equality, we continue to make progress on our aspiration to reach 50/50 representation of women and men at every level of our organization, and to achieve equitable advancement of multicultural women at every level in the U.S. We remain steadfast in our commitment to flexible work, intentional career planning, pay equity and paid parental leave, which are all proven accelerators of gender equality. And, we continue to partner with organizations that help remove barriers to education for girls and create economic opportunities for women.

In Environmental Sustainability, we recently made a new commitment to advance a series of natural climate solutions over the next 10 years that will put us on track for our operations to be carbon neutral by 2030. Working closely with leading climate experts, P&G will fund a range of projects designed to protect, improve and restore forests, wetlands, grasslands and peatlands. Our efforts will increase carbon storage or avoid greenhouse gas emissions, while supporting local communities and economic recovery. These natural climate solutions will help accelerate efforts to address climate change, while enabling people and our planet to thrive.

The need for equality for all was laid bare by the tragic events in the spring that took the lives of Black Americans and sparked a movement around the world to address the systemic racism and inequality that have been institutionalized in our society. Unfortunately, far too often, the burden of seeking equality has rested on the shoulders of those most marginalized. This simply won’t work. It’s time for inequality to end, and we’re committed to being part of the solution with deliberate, sustained action.

P&G and our brands have stepped up our ongoing efforts to advance equality for all people, and especially at this moment in history for Black Americans. We established the P&G Take On Race fund to help fuel organizations that fight for justice, advance economic opportunity, enable greater access to education and health care, and make our communities more equitable.

Internally, we’re committed to continue to build a diverse employee and leadership base to reflect the consumers we serve, and foster an inclusive, respectful, welcoming and affirming culture. We’re ensuring our policies and practices are not just inclusive, but deliberately advance and enable equity and inclusion. However, our Company is not perfect, and we still have work to do. But, we’re building on a strong foundation, and we’re committed to meaningful change.

In summary, while the pandemic has brought into sharp focus the many challenges we still face as a society, we’re focused on doing our part to address these — stepping up to be a force for good and force for growth in our world.


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At P&G, we are governed by our Purpose, Values and Principles. Our philosophy is that a reputation of trust and integrity is built over time, earned every day, and is what sets us apart. We’re committed to doing what’s right and being a good corporate citizen.

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P&G brands, employees, operations, and partners work together to be a force for good and a force for growth, governed by our Purpose, Values and Principles and doing what’s right. We’re proud that many of our ongoing Citizenship efforts deliver on the majority of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

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Nearly a billion people globally struggle with access to clean drinking water. We’ve delivered 17 billion liters to those in need since our Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program began — through our P&G Purifier of Water packets that act as a water treatment plant in a 4-gram package.



Building on our longstanding efforts on equality, we stepped up our ongoing actions to address bias and racism that Black Americans face by establishing the Take on Race Fund and an educational website, and releasing short films to inspire conversation and action, “The Talk,” “The Look” and “The Choice.”

Take on Race
Gender equality

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We’re leveraging our significant voice in advertising to tackle gender bias and promote equality. Secret’s “Not the First” International Women’s Day campaign built on the brand’s efforts in support of equality for women, highlighting that in order to achieve equal representation, it takes more than celebrating the women who came first.

Environmental sustainability


We’re highly engaged in working to minimize our own environmental footprint — including our most recent Ambition 2030 commitment to be carbon neutral for the decade — and in innovating to create products and solutions that make responsible consumption irresistible for people everywhere.