Empowered, Agile and Accountable Organization and Culture

Empowered, Agile, And Accountable Organization And Culture

At the beginning of fiscal year 2020, we moved to a new organization structure. We now operate P&G through six industry-based Sector Business Units or SBUs, and we manage our 10 product categories within these SBUs. The SBUs have sales, profit, cash and value creation responsibility for our largest markets, called Focus Markets — accounting for about 80% of sales and 90% of profit.

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The rest of the world is organized into Enterprise Markets — a separate unit with sales, profit and value creation responsibility. Enterprise Markets are important to the future of P&G because of their attractive market growth rates. Our organization structures in the Enterprise Markets are being optimized to accelerate top- and bottom-line growth in these dynamic macro environments.

Key corporate resources provide support with best-in-class expertise focused on scaled services, governance, stewardship and areas requiring high mastery.

The pandemic has been a true test of our new organization structure, and it’s serving us well. P&G people are more empowered, agile and accountable — closer to the consumers they serve. There’s more focus on action, a scarcity mentality, and an entrepreneurial spirit to quickly come together to solve problems, flow to new demands, and seamlessly support each other.


A more empowered, agile and accountable organization
flowing to new demands, seamlessly supporting each other
to deliver our priorities around the world.

Operating through

Operating through six industry-based SBUs