Stepping Up During the Pandemic

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P&G people have stepped up to deliver on each of the priorities that guide our actions and our choices in this crisis period.

We’re protecting P&G people and the safety of our work environments. This is our top priority. We moved quickly and early based on learnings from our experience in China. With this information and guidance from medical professionals, we put robust safety measures in place for all employees working at a P&G location, including temperature scans, increased disinfection, shift rotations, distancing and the use of masks.

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We quickly pivoted P&G’s global disaster relief program to focus on the needs created by COVID-19. Millions of P&G products are being donated from more than 50 of our brands in more than 55 countries, helping ensure that families have basic access to the everyday essentials many of us take for granted. We’re also partnering with and supporting more than 200 NGOs, agencies and some of the world’s leading relief organizations, providing help to nursing homes, shelters, community groups, food banks and more.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is critical to operating safely, and we rapidly built the capability to make our own to protect P&G people. Importantly, we are donating significant amounts of PPE to communities, health facilities and front-line workers.

Our industry-leading benefits play a critical role in providing P&G people with the resources they need to care for themselves and their families. From paid leave and comprehensive medical care, to flexible work arrangements and financial support, P&G people can work confidently knowing the Company stands with and behind them every day — but especially during times of crisis.

We’re maximizing the availability of our products to serve consumers around the world who count on our brands and the benefits they provide. Trusted brands are more important than ever given the needs generated by the pandemic, the increased focus on health and hygiene, and the additional time people are spending in their homes.

P&G products play an essential role in helping consumers maintain proper hygiene, personal health and healthy home environments. Our products clean laundry, homes, hair, bodies, and hands, as well as clean and shave faces. We provide hygiene products for feminine protection, baby care, adult incontinence and bathroom needs. As a result, demand for many of our categories increased in the face of the pandemic.

We’re supporting our communities, providing much needed product donations and financial support. These donations ensure that families who do not have basic access to the everyday essentials many of us take for granted can have the cleaning, health and hygiene benefits P&G brands can provide.

We partnered with some of the world’s leading relief organizations, including the International Federation of Red Cross, Americares and Direct Relief, as well as key regional organizations, such as Feeding America, Matthew 25: Ministries, the China Youth Development Foundation, One Foundation, the Korea Disaster Relief Association, the United Way, and more.

Our efforts to meet these three priorities — protecting employees, serving consumers and supporting communities — have been critical as we have navigated the effects of the pandemic, and we will continue to step up to support each other, our consumers and our communities.

Importantly, delivering on each of these priorities is helping us continue to advance our integrated strategy, and we will keep raising the bar on the excellent execution of this strategy for the months, quarters and years ahead.




Our people can work confidently knowing that P&G stands behind them, with robust safety measures we constantly evaluate and update.

Protecting p&g people

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• Serving consumers and supporting communities starts with ensuring our employees are safe and protected, with robust safety measures that include comprehensive cleaning of work areas, temperature scans, hand sanitizers and face masks, shift rotations, physical distancing, working from home and using collaboration tools to stay connected.

• Equipping and encouraging all employees to make smart, appropriate choices like staying at home if they feel unwell.

• Continuing sustainable employee policies, industry-leading benefits, and a culture that can support, nurture, and endure — including robust health coverage, paid leave programs, emergency loans and flexible solutions for work and dependent care. To directly address the pandemic, we implemented no-cost access to virtual medical visits and for COVID-19 testing and treatment, pay continuity for workers unable to work due to COVID-19, and expanded flexible work arrangements to help employees manage dependent care.

Serving consumers

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• Maximizing the availability of products that help people and their families with their health, hygiene and cleaning needs, which have never been greater, by running extra shifts, putting idled equipment back into service quickly, partnering with suppliers, and constantly finding new ways to deliver more of the products consumers depend on.

• Leveraging our marketing expertise to support public health measures to help flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus, through initiatives including hand-washing education from our Safeguard soap brand, creating the #DistanceDance campaign to encourage social distancing, and creating the “Masks On, Ohio” campaign for P&G’s global headquarters state, joining forces with businesses across Ohio.

• Sharing useful information and services from our brands, such as Braun “haircuts at home” tutorials, Tide Cleaners’ free laundry services for first responders and Pampers virtual childbirth classes.

Supporting communities

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• Using our R&D, engineering and manufacturing expertise to make critically needed non-medical face masks, face shields and hand sanitizer to support our operations and to share with hospitals, health care facilities and relief organizations.

• Making cash, product and in-kind donations of tens of millions of dollars across more than 50 brands, more than 200 different relief organizations, and more than 55 countries.

• Creating a series of films from P&G and our brands and sponsoring events to bring needed attention and support to the most disproportionately affected populations.

• Helping ensure families have basic access to the everyday cleaning, health and hygiene essentials many of us take for granted.