Running on renewables

We believe in the responsible pursuit and usage of renewable energy and materials. That means finding new efficiencies, partnering with experts, and operating today with the future in mind.

Our Partners

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Renewable Progress

We are continuing our efforts to develop the ability to replace our top fossil-derived materials with renewable materials. We have identified cleaning agents, resins, and acrylates as our top fossil-derived materials. We have previously reported on establishing our ability to replace resins and cleaning agents with renewably-derived materials, and this year have focused our update on ongoing research efforts related to acrylates.

Acrylates are a key constituent of the superabsorbent materials used in our absorbent hygiene products. We have developed two technologies to produce renewable superabsorbent polymers from lactic acid which have identical properties as fossil-derived superabsorbent polymers. These patented technologies have been demonstrated at lab scale and were developed with partners such as the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in Germany. We are currently seeking to out-license these technologies to external parties with hopes of enabling production and commercialization at scale.

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Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance

We remain committed to advancing progress against our long-term vision of using either recycled or renewable materials in our products and packaging. As we drive forward with research on renewable materials, we do that with the recognition that renewable does not always mean “better”. As we evaluate materials, we must ensure there are no trade-offs in performance or value for our consumers and ensure responsible sourcing of renewable feedstocks.

The Bioplastics Feedstock Alliance (BFA) is a multi-stakeholder alliance founded by WWF focused on encouraging the responsible development of plant-based plastics, and we were a founding member. To read more about BFA’s efforts to advance sustainable sourcing, visit

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Dreft purtouch

The launch of the new Dreft purtouch in North America follows last year’s launch of Tide purclean with 65% plant-based ingredients. This new plant-based version of Dreft baby detergent is made solely with wind-powered electricity and manufactured at a plant in Ohio that sends zero manufacturing waste to landfill. The hypoallergenic detergent’s formula is made with naturally-derived ingredients and is 65 percent plant-based. Dreft purtouch is free from dyes, chlorine, optical brighteners, phosphates and ethanolamine.