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Corporate & Brand Programs

Working for the greater good.

We have a long-standing history of giving back to the communities where we live and work. 

Whether it’s providing basic essentials for families displaced by disaster or supporting hygiene education, we aim to improve the health and well-being of all the communities we touch. We have two focus areas for our community impact work—Health and Hygiene and the Comforts of Home.

Corporate Programs

We have two corporate programs - our Children's Safe Drinking (CSDW) Program and our disaster relief efforts.
P&G’s signature community impact program is our Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program. As a company with deep expertise in cleaning technologies, P&G innovations are touching and improving lives every day. P&G Fabric Care scientists, who were studying how to reuse dirty laundry water, discovered a new formulation that could clean dirty water and make it drinkable. In a world where nearly a billion people struggle every day to have clean drinking water, their invention – P&G Purifier of Water - is helping to address this challenge. Since the program began in 2004, we have delivered more than 12 billion liters of clean drinking water working with more than 150 partners in emergencies, rural areas, and community health programs.

Each 4-gram water purification packet treats 10 liters of water by effectively killing bacteria and viruses and removing parasites and solid materials. The P&G packets are easy to use -- with just a bucket, a spoon, a cloth and a packet, a family of five can have clean drinking water for a day in just 30 minutes. Check out how the power of clean here.

Power of Water Infographic

Through our disaster relief efforts, we provided grant support as well as our brands that can give comfort in times of need to more than 20 disasters in FY 16/17.

We have many brand programs that provide help in times of need. Some of them include:


Maternal and newborn tetanus (MNT) affects families in some of the poorest areas of the world and it occurs when newborns are infected as a direct result of unhygienic birthing practices, such as cutting the umbilical cord with un-sterile instruments. Once newborn tetanus has been contracted there is no real cure and MNT still claims the lives of 34,000 newborns every year, equivalent to one baby’s life every 15 minutes.

Thanks to the amazing power of babies, the Pampers® UNICEF campaign has helped eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus in 20 countries. With 18 countries left, Pampers and UNICEF are now over half way towards achieving the goal of eliminating MNT from the world.

With the support of families and their amazing babies since the Pampers-UNICEF “1 pack=1 vaccine” campaign began in 2006, more than half a million newborn babies have been saved and a vaccine has reached a mother and her baby every second.

Pampers Preemie

Pampers believes that when babies enter the world, they deserve to feel love at first touch. This is why P&G has partnered with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurses to design and introduce the new Pampers Preemie Swaddlers Size P-3 diaper which is three sizes smaller than newborn diapers. It is designed to fit the tiniest and most vulnerable premature babies, weighing as little as 1 pound, wrapping them in Pampers’ most trusted comfort and protection.

Pampers UNICEF

Pampers Preemie

Tide Loads of Hope

The Tide Loads of Hope provides mobile laundry units in times of disaster to help families impacted by disaster by providing clean clothes. This year, the program cleaned more than 4,000 loads of laundry during six deployments.

Tide Loads of Hope

Dawn Wildlife

Cleanup from an oil spill is long, labor-intensive work. Safely removing oil from bird feathers, animal fur and marine wildlife requires a gentle touch and powerful, yet safe cleansers. Dawn dishwashing liquid has been the answer for animal rescuers since the mid-1980s because it removes tough grease while being gentle on animals’ delicate skin and feathers. Our Dawn Wildlife Program partners with International Bird Rescue and the Marine Mammal Center to give volunteers the cleaning help they need. In all, 100,000 donated bottles have helped save 75,000 wild animals from oil contamination.

Dawn Wildlife


Ausonia Cancer Care

Ausonia is a local iconic Fem Care brand of pads, liners and adult incontinence. In 2008, Ausonia started its partnership with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) focusing on the fight against breast cancer, the most common type of cancer in Spanish women. Thanks to overall investment in research, social awareness and early diagnosis, Spain increased its survival rates by 1.4% and chances of survival 5 years from diagnosis is now 83% - 15% better than 20 years ago. Ausonia’s collaboration with the AECC consists of:

  • Breast cancer research funding where more an one million dollars have already been donated in 9 years to support prevention, treatment and resistance.
  • Help on prevention by creating awareness with pink ribbon in all our Ausonia Pads packs and airing advertising every year close to breast cancer awareness day.
  • Support to all patients and their relatives through media messages including more than 45 celebrities in past 10 years along with women testimonials. The symbol of this collaboration is a pink scarf tied around the head which has evolved as a national symbol to support breast cancer sufferers.

Dodot Diapers

The Spanish diaper brand, Dodot, cares for babies' development and health and invests in different babycare programs including a yearly pediatric research grant for pediatrics students. Dodot diapers have collaborated for more than 20 years.