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Creating Dialogue, Understanding, Change

Building a Better World for Everyone

At P&G, we aspire to build a better world for all of us—a world free from bias, with equal representation, equal voices and equal opportunity for everyone to succeed no matter their background. 

But we’re not there yet. So we’re doing our best to ensure others see the world we too want for our daughters and sons. As a corporate citizen we have a unique opportunity, and a responsibility, to use our voice and our resources for good. Through our brands, we can bring greater awareness to bias that exists in many forms, sparking conversations that motivate change, creating new expectations for people to live up to, and ultimately helping to create more equal opportunities for all. A more equal world is good for us, our consumers and our community.

Our newest effort is “The Talk,” a short video that depicts the inevitable conversations many Black parents have with their children about racial bias to prepare, protect and encourage them. Throughout the film there are snippets of mothers having a version of “The Talk” with their son or daughter in various situations across different decades. These depictions of “The Talk” illustrate that while times have changed, racial bias still exists.

This joins the ranks of other powerful campaigns like Always #LikeAGirl, Ariel #ShareTheLoad and #WeSeeEqual that spark dialogue and lead to action key societal issues. Bias is universal and inherently human. It impacts us all and can be a barrier to equality. Acknowledging and understanding it allows us all to work together to put an end to its harmful effect. We also know these campaigns alone are not complete solutions, but important steps in the journey.

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish. We look forward to the opportunities in front of us to work with our partners, make a difference and be a positive force for good every day.

You can see more about “The Talk” by visiting My Black is Beautiful, a campaign in its 10th year, celebrates the diverse beauty of Black women, Black community, and culture.” It is a long running P&G program that showcases the diversity of black beauty in media and helps serve, support and celebrate black community, culture, and its rich influence on society.

To see other related campaigns, you can view videos to the right and see our commitment to creating an equal world for all in action.