CES Day One: P&G Showcases Insights and Analytics Fueling the Future of Consumer Products; Advocates for Consumer Privacy Protections

P&G LifeLab Experience and Online, Interactive Exhibit Opens Today

Phil Press Conference

We are CES ready! Procter & Gamble executives today welcome thousands to the P&G LifeLab booth, showcasing how the company’s decades of consumer insights, application of advanced analytics and its consumer-centric approach to innovation, are being used to transform everyday products activities that improve the quality of life for billions of people around the world.

Company executives will also tackle a hot topic – privacy – and detail efforts we’re advancing to protect consumers, their data and their data rights as technology becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life. P&G will join the stage alongside privacy experts from Apple, Facebook and the US Federal Trade Commission.

P&G’s physical and virtual LifeLab experiences also begin today at CES and online at www.PGLifeLab.com.

P&G On the Move – Events Outside the Booth

Transforming Routine Habits into Meaningful Consumer Behaviors – 9:00 a.m. PT, LVCC North Hall, N257

As part of the CES Research Summit, P&G leaders will highlight the critical blend of research methodologies the Company uses to achieve transformative consumer insights and explore shifts in consumer behavior. Executives will also reveal the insights P&G data scientists have gathered to inform the company’s approach to meeting consumer needs and enabling personal and societal benefits beyond product functionality.

P&G’s Chairman and CEO David Taylor will join Steve Bishop (CEO, P&G Health Care) alongside Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh (CEO, P&G Ventures and P&G Family Care) and Lisa Ernst (Vice President, R&D, P&G Health Care) in a panel moderated by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Author and Renowned Health Expert and TV Host.

Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable: What Do Consumers Want – 1:00 p.m. PT, LVCC North Hall, N257

In a CES Super Session, P&G will join leading technology leaders and regulators to discuss how privacy, transparency and consent have emerged as strategic imperatives for multiple industries, and how by working together, companies can provide consumer protection while protecting their ability to innovate freely. P&G’s Susan Shook, Global Privacy Officer, will join Erin Egan, VP, Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer for Policy, Facebook, Jane Horvath, Senior Director, Global Privacy, Apple, and Rebecca Slaughter, Commissioner, US Federal Trade Commission.

Both events will be live-streamed by the Consumer Technology Association.

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Tuesday - P&G Life Lab Presents…

In the P&G LifeLab exhibit at the Sands Expo (#42131), P&G and its partners take to the LifeLab stage to discuss life in the evolving connected home, as well as the future of advertising in a world where consumers are embracing over-the-top programming and seeking to avoid ads.

Tuesday on the P&G LifeLab Stage

  • 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM The Future of Advertising

  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM The Connected Home Through the Eyes of Consumers

Visit the P&G LifeLab in Las Vegas at the CES Smart Homes Marketplace in the Sands Expo, booth #42131. Or, visit the LifeLab online at www.PGLifeLab.com to see a live stream of all of sessions.