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Fragrances are naturally all around us and create a range of sensations. The scent of a flower might put you at ease, or a whiff of your shampoo or deodorant could help you feel more confident. Whether you choose a product with a powerful scent or a light background note, fragrance is often part of making your daily routine enjoyable. We offer a range of products and fragrances that cater to different preferences, including perfume-free variants for those who prefer them.

Safety is the first ingredient

Our unique product perfumes are blended with the greatest care and utmost attention to safety. We go beyond compliance with the safety standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and conduct an additional safety assessment of our fragrances and their ingredients. We exclude over 140 ingredients from our fragrances- more exclusive than the list of ingredients banned by the International Fragrance Association.

You can also learn more about the safety behind fragrance ingredients, by visiting The Fragrance Conservatory.

More about the fragrance ingredients we use

While all our product fragrance ingredients are safe to use, we understand some people want to learn more. Therefore, we are providing the current palette of ingredients we use, as well as a list of ingredients we do not use below. You will see that we do not use many common food allergens in our fragrances, including Animal Derived Materials, Egg Derivatives, Milk Derivatives, Gluten, Barley, Rye, Soy Derivatives, Fish or Shellfish. We are constantly innovating with our fragrance offerings to give you the best possible product experience, so these lists will be updated regularly.

If you would like to find the specific fragrance ingredients for a P&G product in the U.S. or Canada, please visit the brand website (there is a list here) OR go to

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Fragrance ingredients we do not use

This ingredients list includes fragrance ingredients in alphabetical order that we have never used, as well as some ingredients we chose to stop using and are removing from product fragrances. We update this list regularly.

Fragrance ingredients we use

The ingredients list below represents all the fragrance ingredients our perfumers currently select from to create our scents, in alphabetical order. We update this list regularly.