Accelerating LGBTQ+ Leadership During a Pandemic

Pantene group picture

Not many of us would have foreseen the challenges last year would have brought and how those challenges would uniquely impact the LGBTQ+ community. But as our P&G community has proven time and time before, when challenges present themselves, we find the opportunity to rise above them.

We are so proud of the work P&G did to come together, help each other, drive impact in our communities, and help the company continue to be a force for good and a force for growth.

As we say goodbye to 2020, we want to share a few highlights that you all helped make possible:

For our employees…

  • We expanded our global footprint with Greece and the Netherlands joining our GABLE family; Vietnam will join us next in early 2021.
  • Through our first virtual Pride celebration, we tripled the engagement level and were able to reach more employees with our message of support and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • We made significant policy breakthroughs, including the equalization of parental leave globally, the inclusion of LGBTQ+ questions in the P&G employee survey, and the launch of Self-ID when Workday rolls out globally in 2021.

For our brands…

  • We released our third film with CNN’s Great Big StoryThey Will See You – which examined the role our brands and company play in driving LGBTQ+ visibility.
  • We shared our first corporate LGBTQ+ spot – The Pause – which quickly received more than 40 million views, making it one of the company’s most watched films of the last five years.
  • More and more of our brands are leveraging their voice to accurately and authentically drive LGBTQ+ visibility – and consistently being recognized externally for their work. Like Pantene, who continued their LGBTQ+ journey with #HairHasNoGender in Europe and Canada, BeautifuLGBTQ+ in North America, and #Pride Hair “This Hair is Me” in Japan.

For our communities…

  • P&G Japan publicly declared support for marriage equality in the market – helping to drive equality for all in more markets around the world.
  • Our leadership continues to step up to reinforce our commitment to LGBTQ+ equality internally and externally in markets like Poland.
  • We established Can’t Cancel Pride, raising more than $4 million for the LGBTQ+ community and organizations impacted by COVID-19. One of our partners, CenterLink, was able to give $2,500 grants to 196 local organizations across the U.S. The Can’t Cancel Pride format revolutionized the model for P&G to support LGBTQ+ organizations, provided a way for brands to join in, and was a significant part of our total corporate COVID relief efforts.

And the work continues in 2021.