Celebrating Brand Mastery Society Inductees and 2022 Best of Brand Awards

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, hosted P&G’s Brand Awards annual event, spotlighting our best brand mastery leaders and awarding 14 brands for achieving strong growth results.

We recently hosted our annual Best of Brand Awards to recognize the leaders and brands that are delivering ground-breaking design, innovation and strategy, enabling us to create irresistible experiences enjoyed by our consumers, every day. We also inducted seven new Brand Masters, leaders who represent the best of P&G brand builders, demonstrating sustained excellence, pioneering new innovations, helping to build mastery in others and contributing superior value to consumers and for the company through our brands over multiple years.

The brands named “Best of Brands” have repeatedly won the hearts and minds of consumers by proving they’re the best choice through our strategy of superiority — with irresistibly superior products, irresistibly superior packaging, supported by irresistibly superior brand communication and superior consumer and customer value. These five vectors of superiority come together to create an irresistibly superior consumer experience.

P&G Best of Brands winners

Shared by Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard on the virtual all-company live-stream, “Words can’t express the depth of my gratitude to all of you for delivering excellent results in what has continued to be a challenging time for all of us. There is no question in my mind that P&G people are the very best in the world. You are doing remarkable work in exceedingly challenging conditions. You are staying focused on what matters and continuing to build on this momentum to deliver winning results year after year after year for sustained brand building excellence!”

This year, we have 102 brand and country combinations that cleared the bar during the past year to become finalists — growing the market, share, penetration, sales and profit.

Congratulations to the 14 brands receiving a Best of Brand Award!

Smelling confident is what Old Spice is all about. More awesomeness, good smellingness and scent superiority exclusiveness. The results are due to superior communication with a focus on winning guys’ hearts through humor…and winning their minds through ideas that reinforce the brand’s scent superiority. On top of that, they are a leader in driving growth with multicultural consumers in North America.

Gillette is step changing innovation to serve men’s grooming jobs-to-be-done and problems to be solved no matter their style. Today the brand is stronger and younger than ever as they turn the world neon green with Gillette Labs, their biggest innovation of the decade with noticeably superior performance and value communication.

At over 100 years old, Pepto Bismol is one of P&G’s most iconic brands. One of many keys to Pepto’s success is superior brand communication that demonstrates Pepto’s unique product action of coating and soothing, along with the iconic Pepto jingle that is fun and memorable to keep the brand top of mind and relevant.

In multiple markets around the world, Ariel is raising the bar on superiority across every vector to drive brand and category growth. In Japan, the brand tackled the problem of deep cleaning and malodor removal through the “Carbonic Acid Cleaning” idea that delivers a “never-seen-before” superior cleaning benefit with a 4-chamber product upgrade, communication and packaging.

BoB native

Native started as a natural deodorant brand and today is making a huge splash in the bodywash and haircare categories — building the Native megabrand! Their superior products have more than 50,000 five-star reviews, featuring claims like “its well-loved by humans for keeping them smelling like the gods for 72 hours.” Also, you can love Native’s ads OR you can hate them. But you can’t ignore them.

Always is consumer-obsessed, true to irresistible superiority and focused on the brand’s purpose in everything they do — unleashing women’s confidence to be whoever they want to be. Insightful and modern communication portrays women like they really are, with campaigns that normalize periods, reinforce body positivity and demonstrate superiority.

Oral-B is all about brushing like a pro — for healthy, beautiful, confident smiles for life — and is the #1 most used brand by dental professionals. The brand follows a proven business model around the world. It starts with a superior product and its unique round brush, shaped like a dentist tool, which delivers a WOW experience at first use, professional credentialing to build credibility and trust and visible education that builds healthy habits.

Venus believes that women are a force that shapes the world and should never be held back by implicit or explicit rules. From these beliefs, Venus stands up for every woman’s right to feel comfortable in her own skin, which is exemplified by the “My Skin My Way” campaign. But that’s not all. Venus is breaking norms about blades and razors. Venus Pubic Hair and Skin encouraged a conversation that normalized anatomically correct language in a boldly creative way.

Cascade is on a mission to bust myths about dishwashers. Seventy five percent of American homes have a dishwasher, yet less than 20% of dishes are being washed in the dishwasher. And 9 out of 10 times, consumers do extra work at the sink by pre-washing dishes before putting them in the machine. By teaching consumers that with Cascade Platinum you can just “scrape, load and you’re done,” Cascade is revolutionizing the category and saving time, energy, water AND money in the process!

Pampers is transforming every aspect of their business with superiority at the core, continuously innovating to deliver superior products and experiences that support the happy, healthy development of babies, and to win with parents, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Their superior communication creatively brings the performance of the brand to life in interesting ways.

Head & Shoulders continues to step up with anti-dandruff superiority and scalp care based on local consumer insights and jobs to be done. In the Philippines, more than 65% of households use Head & Shoulders because of its superiority in dandruff and itch control. The brand communication is a uniquely Filipino campaign called “ITCHuations,” addressing the highly stigmatized problem of dandruff and itch.

Crest is the #1 Oral Care brand in America behind strong innovation, exceptional go-to-market plans and advertising that deeply connects with consumers. The team drove relevance behind their “Smile, Crest has you covered” campaign and continues to make progress on their mission to close America’s smile gap. New products solve problems like Crest 3DWhite Professional toothpaste for whiter teeth and Crest Pro-Health Densify to keep teeth for life.

Downy/Lenor continues to strengthen its superiority positioning as a perfume for clothes and superior freshness. Packaging cues signal perfume to stand out on shelf. Communication feels like perfume ads to drive superior preference. And the total proposition creates superior value because consumers get a perfume experience for the price of a fabric conditioner.

For 130 years, Vicks has delivered cold and flu care to families around the world. It’s a staple in homes, an icon of care and trusted relief, which Vicks is providing in more categories and more forms. ZzzQuil is helping people safely sleep and is now the #1 sleep aid brand in the world. For over a century, the brand has been pioneering superior product innovations and solutions with some of the latest being Vicks VapoStick, Vicks Grip 7, ZzzQuil Ultra Strength, NyQuil Kids Honey and VapoRub Extra Strength.

This year we also introduced a new recognition — the “Best of Brand Agency Partnership Award.”

Creativity is our superpower and leads to superior brand communication that builds awareness, equity, brand and market growth. And with our daily-use cleaning, health and hygiene products, being the best at creativity requires the very best superior creative partnerships.

The “Best of Brand Agency Partnership Award” recognizes a brand-agency partnership that is delivering exceptional business results and superior creativity through a partnership based on trust, transparency and mutual respect.

This year, we awarded Grey New York the Best of Brand Agency Partnership Award for their and leadership in the transformation of Venus. The Grey team demonstrates creative bravery, consistently delivering creative that builds the brand through cultural relevance. Both in front of the camera and behind the camera, Grey has continuously pushed forward Venus’s purpose of standing up for every woman’s right to feel comfortable in her skin. From this fruitful partnership, Venus has become a force for good and a force for growth.

Our media partner Carat USA was also awarded this honor. Carat has partnered with P&G brands to enable and deliver growth through media. Carat ensures P&G brands seamlessly navigate consumer and media nuances in an ever-evolving media landscape — utilizing data to identify the most valuable and relevant consumers, designing media experiences in the most influential media placements and environments, and ensuring media investment decisions are directly linked to brand growth opportunities. Carat is an indispensable partner in enabling P&G’s vision of constructive disruption and driving transformation in a world where technology, data, and commerce choices in media are evolving faster than ever.