AI, Space Tech, and Metaverse, Of Course: Our Week at CES 2023

CES may be over, but we’re still energized and excited by what we learned as we look ahead at the rest of 2023. This year we didn’t have an exhibit on the show floor like we have in past years, or even virtually as in 2021 and 2022 where we hosted brands like Oral-B, Gillette, Crest and Tide. Instead, we came to learn from our peers and shared what we’ve learned in conversations on several CES stages throughout the event.

After years of developing a low-resource laundry detergent for space, P&G’s Mark Sivik, North America Fabric Care Research Fellow, and astronauts living and working on the International Space Station right now, joined a panel, “Tech Dev in Low Earth Orbit — An Astronaut's Perspective from Space,” in the first ever 4K livestream from the ISS. Sivik spoke with the astronauts about Tide's Space Act Agreement with NASA, which led to the development of Tide Infinity, the detergent solution that may eventually be used by astronauts. Activated by innovation, sustainability and the critical need to deliver astronauts access to fresh-out-of-the-wash clothing in the long months on the ISS and for future lunar and Mars missions, Tide Infinity is focused on meeting needs of space such as full degradability and low-water cleaning, while also advancing cleaning solutions for all environments.

As part of the partnership, P&G scientists helped design experiments to study stain removal and laundry detergent stability in space — by actual astronauts on board the ISS. By testing the impact of microgravity on Tide solutions, results could support the development of detergent systems in future space missions. Panel members discussed the future of this technology in space and how to apply learnings from the ISS to other orbiting modules, laboratories and conservation efforts on earth.

CES 2023 NASA Panel

P&G also sponsored the Eureka Park panel, “Partnering on AI Capability Today to Accelerate Innovation Tomorrow.” Moderated by P&G IT Senior Director Doug Shean, the panel featured Senior Purchasing Manager Mercy Chang, R&D Director Kelly Anderson and LabelBox CEO Manu Sharma. The panel discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will power our data-driven insights to deliver continued consumer delight that drives constructive disruption for how we innovate. We are already applying AI to build greater consumer understanding of product usage habits, as well as manufacturing practices (and more) to enhance productivity and to help us design products to better meet consumer needs.

The panel drove home that collaborative partnerships are key to success. That’s why we are strategically partnering externally with startups, established companies and leading academics to leverage and build new data and AI capabilities that our innovators can use to drive new insights, concepts, products, packages, communications, etc.

CES 2023 C&D Panel

But just as important as what we brought to the event is what we are taking away: a focus on continuing to weave digital innovation into every aspect of our business, an ever-expanding passion to pursue the potential of consumer engagement and delight in the metaverse, and the desire to create products, services and solutions that make every day a little bit better for all people. Last year, inspired by similar trends, Chief Design Officer Phil Duncan wrote about how Metaverse and Web3 are enabling P&G to use in-depth insights, combined with creativity and powerful design, to change how we connect with consumers. This year, he was even more inspired by the evolving opportunities to spark interest and generate meaningful interaction with a wide range of consumers in the metaverse.

Inspiration is the heart of innovation, and it’s also one of the greatest things about CES — that we come each year to inspire the people we engage with and to also leave inspired to continue pursuing innovation in how we seek to better understand and serve each consumer; how we create, contribute to and grow key partnerships; and how we imagine, create, enhance and market our products. See you at CES 2024!