For the First Time in 100 years, Charmin is Reinventing the Square for a Smoother Tear

P&G CEO Jon Moeller credits “a great team of innovators.”

The illustrated Charmin brand logo is designed in the shape of a cloud. It's dark blue with a light blue border. The Charmin name is placed in the center and written in white letters.

Many consumers often get frustrated when they’re unable to get a clean tear, resulting in additional toilet paper usage and potential waste.

Charmin has reinvented the square by replacing the traditional perforation line with a wavy edge to provide a better, smoother tear, and launched Smooth Tear as part of the Ultra Soft category to offer a more enjoyable go.

"It's a product that wins from an overall ratings standpoint and a consumer preference standpoint," P&G CEO Jon Moeller told Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi in a recent interview.

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The Charmin team has been secretly testing this big innovation for our Ultra Soft rolls.

“This is something the toilet paper category hasn’t seen, and we’ve spent more than five years perfecting the technology and design behind it,” said Rob Reinerman, Charmin Vice President, Procter & Gamble.

“In all of our testing, that perforated — curved perforated or scalloped perforated edge — has proven to be a delight to consumers,” Moeller said.

Moeller said the innovation is a result of skilled P&G people and their focus on serving consumers with superior products.

“We have a great team of innovators, brand builders, designers, and they're working on these kinds of things and much more far-out opportunities on a daily basis,” Moeller said. “I really enjoy the time that I get to spend with them, but they're typically educating me as opposed to the other way around.”

According to P&G Senior Scientist Gregg Weaver, this innovation is a response to consumers.

“Consumers’ #1 complaint to our call centers over the years has been the uneven tears from the square shape,” said Weaver. “The uneven tear is a result of straight perforations that don’t match the direction that consumers pull sheets and where the toilet paper is hung in the bathroom. The new Charmin wavy perforation ensures that you’re able to tear smoothly no matter where and how you tear.”

Charmin Ultra Soft Smooth Tear is rolling out this month in stores nationwide in the United States Click here for more information about Charmin’s commitment to help all people #EnjoytheGo.

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