A Focus on Balanced Growth and Value Creation

Highlights from P&G’s Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Conference 2024.

Jon Moeller, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Andre Schulten, Chief Financial Officer, were featured speakers at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Conference 2024, discussing P&G’s integrated strategic choices and why our integrated strategy remains the right one to drive balanced growth and value creation.

Five blue, white and yellow illustrated circles outline Procter & Gamble's integrated growth strategy. Images and text outline the five areas of this strategy: portfolio, superiority, productivity, constructive disruption and organization.

We began with a recap of previously announced results for P&G, with organic sales momentum across categories, and good growth across geographies -- supported by our strategic choices on portfolio, superiority, productivity, constructive disruption, and organization, which reinforce and build on each other. Strong results driven by productivity enable reinvestment in advertising and innovation to drive demand creation and grow categories.

A table displays ten columns that represent Procter and Gamble's categories of consumer brands. They are filled with numerous brand logos. The title at the top reads, "focused portfolio."

A focused portfolio of daily-use products in categories where performance drives brand choice. The portfolio is performing — delivering broad-based growth across nearly all categories and most geographies for several years.

Illustrations of consumer product bottles, a laptop, a smartphone and a dollar bill are displayed across the image. The title at the top says, "superiority to win with consumers."

To win with consumers, we have an ongoing commitment to — and investment in — irresistible superiority, through innovation, across the five vectors of product, package, brand communication, retail execution and value — holistically defined.

We're leveraging that superiority to grow markets, and our share in them, to jointly create value with retail partners.

These superior innovations are driven by deep consumer insights, communicated to consumers with more effective and efficient marketing programs, executed in stores and online in conjunction with retailer strategies to grow categories and our brands, and priced to deliver superior value across each price tier where we compete.

You can learn more about each of these and more examples of superiority by listening to the CAGNY replay at www.pginvestor.com.

Two images of a black and green Gillette razor. One a close up of the blades with an exfoliating bar. The second a full size image of the entire razor. The white and green text at the top says, "Gillette labs with exfoliating bar."

Gillette’s superior propositions — like the Gillette Labs razor with an exfoliating bar that removes dirt and debris before the blades — continue to drive growth in the global Grooming category.

Four bottles of dishwashing liquid are lined up in a row. The first two on the left are blue bottles of Dawn dish spray and dish soap. On the right are two green bottles of Fairy dish spray and dish soap.

Innovations like Dawn PowerWash and Dawn EZ-Squeeze in the U.S. and Fairy PowerSpray and Fairy Max in Europe are disproportionately driving market growth in hand dishwashing.

An Asian mother and young son smile as they wash their hands together at a sink. The blue, white and red Safeguard logo is in the top left corner. And a collection of 6 Safeguard products are displayed on the left.

The superior communication of Safeguard's “Wash Hands, Have Dinner” campaign helped us reach more than 200 million consumers.

Five blue and green rings are interconnected in an illustration representing five areas of productivity for Procter and Gamble. White text lists the areas as materials, manufacturing, overhead, ad spend and promotion, and working capital.

The third element of our strategy is productivity improvement in all areas of our operations — to fund investments in innovation, brand building and market growth, to mitigate cost and currency challenges, and to expand margins and generate cash.

Three images of Procter and Gamble product packages and an image of a Black woman working on a laptop. They are accompanied by blue text and illustrations of areas like innovation and supply chain where the company leads in constructive disruption.

Success also requires the agility that comes with a mindset of constructive disruption, a willingness to change, adapt and create new trends and technologies that will shape our industry for the future and extend our competitive advantage. For example, we continue to be a constructive disruptor of brand building, in-housing more of the media planning and placement activity using our proprietary tools and consumer data to increase effectiveness and efficiency of our communication. And we’re disrupting traditional lab-based innovation models to dramatically increase the speed and breadth of discovery.

Four images are cropped into circles displayed in a two by two format. A man and women sit facing each other. A female scientist in a lab. A female and two male colleagues sit at a conference table. A women smiles as she writes on a white board.

We’ve designed and continue to refine our empowered, agile and accountable organization — which is also an increasingly diverse organization, enabling us to better serve an increasingly diverse set of consumers.

Four images cropped into circle are displayed in a two by two format, accompanied by white text. Detergent bottles in an assembly line. A collage of water, forestry and families. Two male colleagues look at a laptop. Two females smile at each other.

Finally, there are four areas we are driving to improve execution of the integrated strategy: Supply Chain 3.0, Digital Acumen, Environmental Sustainability and Employee Value Equation. These are not new or separate strategies. They simply strengthen our ability to execute the strategy.

We remain committed to delivering irresistibly superior propositions to consumers and retail partners, fueled by productivity.

To learn more about P&G’s strategy, and how we’re delighting consumers with noticeable superiority across our categories, visit www.pginvestor.com/event for the webcast replay and slides.

See https://www.pginvestor.com/event for P&G's full CAGNY 2024 presentation shared February 22, 2024, the associated webcast presentation, definitions of non-GAAP measures and reconciliation to the most closely related GAAP measure, as well as cautionary information on forward-looking statements, which are based on current assumptions and subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially.