Counting down to Election Day – and Participating Every Day

At P&G, we aspire to build a better world for everyone who shares it. That’s why P&G is encouraging and supporting employees to exercise their right to vote by participating in the upcoming U.S. election. On November 3, we will elect a President, 35 U.S. Senators, all 435 members of the House of Representatives, 11 governors, and more than 5,300 members of state legislatures – along with thousands of mayors and local elected officials.

To help ensure our colleagues have the information they need, we’re providing resources and tools intended to help. This includes information on where and how to register to vote, how to volunteer at polls, information about all federal and state legislative candidates on the ballot, and information identifying each employee’s local legislators.

While the spotlight on elections shines particularly bright every four years in the U.S. when we choose a President, every election is an opportunity to make a difference. Sometimes, the most impactful changes start right in our own communities. We have both an opportunity and an obligation to participate in our democracy on election day and every day – whether it’s volunteering to be a poll worker, attending a political event, advocating for a cause important to you, or yes, voting. That’s why in June we established a new paid day off for civic engagement for our U.S. employees.

Throughout the fall, P&G will also join with a few established partners to encourage civic engagement by all Americans. For example, this week we announced our support of a non-partisan campaign with Global Citizen and Head Count that aims to engage one million young voters and get 50,000 young people registered ahead of the 2020 elections.

The choices we make November 3 will impact our future, as well as the future of our communities. We encourage everyone to learn, engage and make your voice heard.