Unlocking Sustainability Through Three Levels of Impact

The blue P&G logo is next to a blue, green and brown illustration of Earth. Next to both images is blue and green text that reads, "It's our home."

Earth Month is a time to reflect on the part all of us can play in reducing our environmental impact. At P&G, we’re building environmental sustainability into the way we do business.

The power here is in the “and.” We work hard to find solutions that delight people through innovation that solves everyday problems, drives market growth and improves lives. After all, people want better for themselves and for the world around them.

We are working across Climate, Waste, Water and Nature to:

  • Reduce our own environmental footprint
  • Enable our consumers to reduce theirs while they use our products
  • Reduce the footprint of the sectors where we operate

We wanted to a share a few examples of our progress as we begin Earth Month:

Reducing Our Own Footprint

A light green Head & Shoulders shampoo bottle with a white cap. The bottle is rolled all the way up. Blue text reads "Recyclable bottle & cap. When bottle is almost empty, squeeze and roll for one last drop."

Head & Shoulder’s BARE is an anti-dandruff shampoo made with sulfate-free, silicone-free and dye-free ingredients — ensuring it's gentle on the scalp while combatting dandruff. The bottle is made with 45% less plastic, reducing packaging waste. It can be rolled up to use every ounce of the product and tossed in the recycling bin, where it will leave more room for other household recyclables.

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Enabling People to Reduce Their Footprint at Home

Rectangular orange box of Tide evo detergent. The bright blue and orange packaging features a white square sheet in the middle. White text features product information, such as 100% concentrated and original scent.

We are working to provide superior-performing products that also make it easy for people to save energy, water and waste. Our newest example: Tide evo. Ten years in the making and unlike anything available today, Tide evo is a laundry tile made up of tens of thousands of miniscule fibers that create layers of soap without unnecessary liquid fillers. It incorporates six layers of 100% concentrated cleaning ingredients in each fiber, offering big cleaning power.

We make Tide evo in a facility powered by renewable energy, and it’s designed for cold water washing, which saves energy compared to washing in hot water. The product, which comes in recyclable paper packaging, eliminates the need for a plastic bottle.

Purple tube with green cap of Cascade Platinum Plus dish detergent pods. In the background, there is a dirty stainless steel pan and an arrow pointing to another pan that is clean.
A blue bottle of Dawn Platinum Plus Powerwash dish spray. The bottle has a blue and white squeeze handle at the top and is next to a smaller blue refill bottle.

Two of our brands are making it easy to clean and save water. Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray works with spray-activated suds that reduce the time it takes to do dishes and eliminate the need for water until the final rinse. And Cascade Platinum Plus delivers a better clean and enables more people to trust their dishwashers — so they can skip the pre-rinse and save time and water. By skipping the sink and choosing the dishwasher, households can save up to 100 gallons of water per week.

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Reducing the Footprint of the Sectors Where We Operate

We strive to be a catalyst for collaboration across the value chain, taking an open-arms approach to innovation.

As a founding member of the 50 Liter Home Coalition — a pioneering group led by companies, public sector organizations and civil society representatives — we’re bringing our innovation and water expertise and water-efficient products to help create a resilient, low-carbon water future where 50 liters of daily water use per person — the average per capita daily household water use in some parts of the world — feels like 500.

Our R&D teams developed a process, VersoVita™, that takes nearly all the imperfections out of recycled polypropylene resin and returns it to near-virgin quality so more types of plastic can be recycled and reused. P&G is making VersoVita™ Circular Polymer Purification available for license to plastic manufacturers globally so they can produce high quality recycled resin to better meet industry demand and reduce plastic waste.

Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing more examples on LinkedIn and Instagram. Follow along.