Innovation Series: EC30 Reduces Packaging; Earns Top Endorsements

Join P&G’s journey to carbon neutral cleaning

EC30 is on a journey to carbon neutral clean with their personal and home care products – delivering more sustainable cleaning THAT WORKS. The revolutionary new P&G fiber technology allows EC30 to reduce packaging material, weight and eliminate unnecessary ingredients. Combined with 100% renewable energy in manufacturing operations, EC30’s products have reduced CO2 emissions from ingredients, manufacturing and transportation by up to 50% vs. traditional liquids. With their latest innovation, they’ve gone one step further – reducing trial kit packaging by half vs. previous versions – the biggest packaging innovation the brand has seen to date.

“By seeking new packaging solutions, we’re able to fulfill our promise to constantly continue our journey – giving our customers the same great product with an even lower carbon footprint.” – Nicholas Peirol, Commercial Vice-President, P&G Fiber Platform

EC30 58 Swatches

Each swatch is uniquely formulated for the cleaning job it performs – and the press is taking note. EC30 was recently chosen by Good Housekeeping Magazine as the “Best Overall Laundry Sheet” vs. 24 competitors.

EC30 Good Housekeeping

Detergent sheets were put to the same tests as liquid, powder and pac detergents. The Good Housekeeping Institute stains fabric swatches with 20 of the most common stains seen at home including coffee, spaghetti sauce, grass, red wine, and blood. The performance in stain-fighting in particular earned placement in the December print issue’s “Inside the GH Cleaning Lab” feature.

EC30 GH Cleaning Lab

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, EC30 expanded upon their existing partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation – through which they purchase carbon reforestation credits to offset any carbon impact the brand cannot offset itself. During the promotion, the brand worked with the Arbor Day Foundation to, but FIVE trees per EC30 product purchased – to help complete the Bladen Lakes State Forest Reforestation Project.

EC30 Reforestation Project

Spanning more than 33,000 acres, Bladen Lakes State Forest is the largest state-owned forest in North Carolina. Reforestation efforts are currently planned on this land to support the health of the overall forest ecosystem and ensure that native trees can thrive. A mix of loblolly pine, bald cypress, and longleaf pine will be planted to not only build a more sustainable forest but also provide habitat for many different species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians — including the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.

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