Election 2020

P&G Chairman, President and CEO David Taylor shared the following message with P&G’s US employees today:

Fellow U.S. Employees,

Tomorrow is Election Day, an important opportunity to ensure all our voices are heard. For those of you who haven’t yet voted, there’s still time to use your voice at the polls to influence representation at the local, state and national levels in ways consistent with your beliefs and priorities.

I also want to share a few reflections that I believe are important to keep in mind in the days and weeks ahead.

Regardless of where you stand, this election is one of the most important in many years, and it’s happening in one of the most turbulent times in our country’s history. Marked by COVID-19, in 2020 we’ve seen calls for racial justice, job losses, civil unrest, and a volatile economy. For many, self-included, this has led to frustration — with the virus, with politics, with the instability and the uncertainty. Feeling this way is not right or wrong, it’s just real.

But, as individuals and as members of the P&G family, we have been through uncertain times before. What has made P&G successful through fires, floods, storms, financial depressions, wars, panics and pandemics is our people and our commitment to our Purpose, Values and Principles, which have endured for generations.

Today, our Purpose, Values and Principles again serve as our guide. They are a clear declaration of who we are and what we stand for. They unite us, guide our behaviors, shape how we work with each other and our partners, and they articulate the way we conduct ourselves each and every day. They are who we have always been and who we will always be — a company of individuals that serves consumers with superior brands and products and makes a positive difference in our communities and society with our voice and expertise.

A key tenet of our PVPs is respect. We respect each other. We respect different points of view, different political affiliations and different ways of thinking. Not only do we respect it, we welcome it. It’s this diversity — experiences, background, ideas, and more — that makes us stronger and makes us better.

I know that some of us will be excited about the outcomes of the election, while others will be disappointed. My ask of everyone is for understanding and respect for your colleagues.

I believe our best days are ahead of us because of what I've seen from all of you over my 40 years with P&G, and especially throughout 2020. We’ve all seen how P&G people are stepping up and stepping forward together to help each other stay safe, to make sure we can serve the billions of consumers who count on our products and to support our communities. Importantly, it’s not only what P&G people are doing to step up, it’s how it’s being accomplished, with integrity, trust, ownership, passion, empathy and respect — the way P&Gers act and lead every day for over 183 years. And it’s this that gives me confidence in a brighter tomorrow.