P&G Myth-Busting Series: The Innovation Behind the New Swiffer PowerMop

Innovation Series | Behind the New Swiffer PowerMop

Swiffer revolutionized cleaning floors decades ago in 2001, and this month Swiffer is launching a new product line-up to make the task even easier than before.

P&G Scientist Maria Striemer joined the Swiffer team nearly three years ago and helped create the latest innovation with the team — the Swiffer PowerMop.

Swiffer POWER MOP product photo

Introducing the new Swiffer PowerMop

“Consumers are at the heart of all we do and how we innovate — they told us they needed an all-in-one wet cleaning system that made mopping easier while still getting a true deep clean,” said Striemer.
Putting the Swiffer PowerMop to the test. Striemer is particularly proud of the work behind the new Swiffer PowerMop because the latest technology has been a gamechanger for her mother.

“My mom was always known for having a house so clean, you could eat off the kitchen floor. It was something she took pride in and a way that she showed love to our family. Two years ago, her arthritis required her to have a spinal fusion and since then, her standard ‘mop and bucket clean’ hasn’t been feasible,” said Striemer.

Maria & her mother

Striemer with her mother

Until now, thanks to the new Swiffer PowerMop. Striemer’s mother didn’t feel like any other mopping system could clean the way the old-school mop and bucket style could. For her mother, the innovation has made cleaning easier by being more accessible and cleaning the tough, hard-to-find spots.

“My mother wanted something that delivered a deep clean and could reach in the nooks and crannies of her home.”

What makes the Swiffer PowerMop different?

  • The latest innovation has a locking head that has a 360-swivel head to help clean tight spaces, like baseboards and behind toilets. The locking head also helps spray down into grout and it makes it easier to store when you’re not using it!
  • The new 3-D mop pad fibers are in a looped design and are made up of 300+ powerful scrubbing strips made up of six layers, providing five times the cleaning power of the Swiffer WetJet pad. These strips create just the right texture to entangle and capture loose soils and hair, while its thousands of absorbent fibers get into nooks, crannies and grout lines to break down tough, sticky messes with ease.
  • A 30% larger mop head compared to Swiffer WetJet.

“Swiffer can provide the gold standard of mop and bucket cleaning. This new Swiffer PowerMop busts the myth that it can’t,” said Striemer. “This will have people kicking the bucket and mopping smarter, not harder!”

Prior to joining P&G, Striemer worked as a nurse specializing in cardiac care and medical devices. As a P&G scientist, she’s inspired to serve consumers with innovations that make life easier. She enjoys spending time with her family and pursuing passion projects that help create safer environments.

Maria with her family

Maria with her family

She attended Miami University in Ohio and holds degrees in political science, public administration and nursing. For more stories like Maria’s, check-out these stories on our blog: