Meet Crystal — Who Makes a Difference Every Day for the Children in Rural Tennessee

Katie Couric Media’s “Leading with Love” Series—Part 3

Crystal Chambers

Crystal Chambers believes she has the best job in the world—a job that allows her to “be like Santa Claus.”

Crystal was born in Cocke County, Tennessee— a place she is committed to making better. The area is challenged, experiencing one of the state’s highest poverty levels and lowest educational attainment levels.

In her role as a Community Engagement Coordinator for Save the Children in Cocke County, Tennessee, she helps bring to life their mission to provide children with health, education, and safety.

“I just have a passion,” Crystal said. “I would give them the world if I could because I want our kids to have the best. My part as a community engagement coordinator is just to reach out and just show them that we are here. We are able to help with some of those needs and hopefully a better future.”

When the pandemic hit, areas like Cocke County were hit especially hard, leaving a struggling community with even more challenges.

P&G and Safeguard donated cash and products to organizations like Save the Children to provide support and important hygiene education. Some of these products and contributions made it to Cocke County, where Crystal was able to distribute them to families in need. Crystal shared her gratitude to P&G for the help provided during these challenging times.

“Procter & Gamble is a very important partner of Save the Children. They have made a huge impact with our families because of their donation and their kindness. The partnership provides for the families,” she said.

She is always a welcome face and her role allows her to distribute much-needed bags of products and books. “The families, they are extremely blessed to get it, and I am blessed to get to be the person to give it to them. What a great job I’ve got.”

Crystal Chambers

One person can make a difference, and Crystal is a shining example. She has become a bright light in her community and brings an energy and sense of hope to her neighbors in Cocke County.

A mother in Crystal’s community commented, “Crystal has a contagious positive attitude that our county needs and our family needs, and she made us feel like we aren’t alone.”

Crystal is just one example of how P&G is enabling people to Lead with Love. Learn about how P&G is committed to 2,021 Acts of Good in 2021.

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