Next Stop: Tide Infinity Heads to the Hill

Tide representatives met with leaders to discuss innovations that will drive forward the cleaning solutions of tomorrow for Earth and space.

P&G CES on the Hill Group at Booth

Following the success of Tide Infinity at CES this year – where it was named “Best of 2022” in Sustainability by Wired – this innovative product was selected by the Consumer Technology Association to be featured at their “CES on the Hill” event in April 2022. Members of Congress, Congressional staff, technology policy industry leaders, and media turned out to see the latest innovations from a dozen companies.

CES on the Hill - Jennifer Meghan

Tide representatives were on hand to discuss our partnership with NASA to provide needed laundry solutions for astronauts in space, which will be crucial as missions look to Mars, the Moon, and deep space. Lawmakers were particularly interested to learn how the innovations being developed today to make laundry in space possible are the same innovations that can be used here on Earth in the future. As we work to address the challenges of climate change and water scarcity, using less water per load of laundry, and being able to recycle and reuse water, can be key parts of the solution. Additionally, attendees were excited to learn that Tide To Go Pens and Wipes are also being launched later this year to test stain removal in space.

CES on the Hill - Tide product display

In December 2021, Tide Infinity launched into space for the first time aboard SpaceX CRS-24, taking its first step towards a viable laundry detergent solution for space-faring astronauts for many decades to come. Click here to learn more.

Tide Infinity was a big success at CES on the Hill, and Tide was proud to share with policymakers and industry leaders the innovative work happening that will drive forward the cleaning solutions of tomorrow.