From Home Ec to Home Eq[uity]: P&G Helps Close the Chore Gap Before It Starts

P&G’s Dawn & Swiffer brands partner with Hello Sunshine’s Fair Play to close the “Chore Gap” by rolling out a special “Home Eq[uity]” curriculum.

In most homes today, the responsibility for chores still falls on one person — usually a woman. Despite making up more than half of the labor workforce, women today are still responsible for the majority of chores at home.1 This is what we refer to as the chore gap.

It’s time to change that. How? Through education. In partnership with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine and New York Times best-selling author Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play, P&G Home Care is excited to introduce Home Eq[uity], a program offering a fresh take on household education to equip everyone with the know-how they need to close the chore gap.

Home Equity, Close the Chore Gap

The initiative reimagines the traditional home economics curriculum and complements decades of work by family and consumer sciences experts on how to cultivate strong families and communities — because when we create more equity at home, we create more equity in the world. Here’s a closer look at what to expect.

A new kind of home economics. Home Eq[uity] is an educational initiative designed to close the chore gap in households across North America by addressing early on the gendered division of labor. As a new work-school-home-life balance has emerged, we have an opportunity to rethink how homes are run — with everyone doing their part. Home Eq[uity] gives teachers, parents and youth lessons and tools to understand what it takes to manage a household and divide tasks fairly. Responsibility is learned, relationships improve and everyone wins.

Rolling up our sleeves and redefining home work. With more than 80% of teachers using social media to inspire ideas for the classroom2, the robust Home Eq[uity] curriculum was created with the help of both educators and social media influencers like Laura Danger (@thatdarnchat) and features dinner table discussion guides and practical “homework” to impart the next generation with the skills they need to close the chore gap at home.

Home Eq[uity] is coming to schools across America beginning January 2023. At P&G, we love helping to build a brighter and more equitable future for the next generation.

Click here to learn more and download the curriculum.

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