P&G + Me: Giving our Best to One Another Every Day

A logo that reads “P&G + Me = Mutual Success.”

Procter & Gamble Reframes Company’s Employee Value Proposition

No matter where P&G employees work or what their job is, we each have our own P&G story – the unique reasons they came to P&G, and why we give their best to the business and to our colleagues every day.

This equation—what we get from and give to the company, and what the company gets from and gives to each of us—is called an employee value proposition, or EVP.

At a time when the workplace is being affected by the pandemic and social issues, many office-based employees are working remotely, and some employees who joined our P&G family in the past two years haven’t met a colleague in person, many are taking a pause to reflect on what’s important to them.

With this in mind, a global team recently reframed our EVP. The new title is “P&G + Me = Mutual Success.”

Inspired by a line in our Purpose Values and Principles that says: “Our quest for mutual success is what ties us together.” Our EVP is intentionally framed as an equation that leads to mutual success for employees and for the business.

It was born from what employees from around the world told us in interviews and through P&G Survey verbatims, it reflects how we have evolved what we stand for as a company. It also reinforces what will not change: Our values, our commitment to delighting consumers with superior brands, and our promise to making P&G a great place to work and grow.

Each statement has been chosen carefully to reflect what is unique and compelling about our P&G culture and experience: The times we’ve felt inspired to make a difference or have had equal opportunity and multiple ways to continue growing. The pride we feel when we’re making an impact. Or knowing we’re valued and rewarded for not only what we contribute, but how we contribute to our teams’ and our company’s success.

We invite you to listen to few P&G + Me stories from employees.

We believe, through the lens P&G + Me = Mutual Success, our employees will deepen their own understanding of the value they get from working here. And that in sharing their P&G+Me stories, each of us will be inspired to bring our full selves to work and to help one another—and the business—to grow and succeed.

If you share our values, you should join the P&G team. To learn more, visit https://us.pg.com/who-we-are/.