Celebrate Dads

To every father and father figure around the world, thank you and happy Father’s Day.

The challenge of fatherhood is also its greatest reward. P&G understands what every father and father figure does every day. From the “simple” tasks such as teaching a child how to tie shoelaces or how to use a razor to having the difficult talks about growing up in a complex world, it’s impossible to quantify everything that a father does, so we wanted to take a moment to say the one thing that every child is thinking:

Thank you, Dad.

Image compilation of fathers and their children

Having P&G products that help dads improve their lives is something we take very seriously. Because every dad needs more moments to be unserious… even if it’s just telling another corny joke… or two… or three. It’s also why we are proud presenters of different ways to say thanks, including this fun parody song by your favorite Sesame Street Characters.

In addition, our interactive 2021 Citizenship Report shows you how P&G has stepped up around the world to help families and communities in times of need, when and where it’s most vital.

Image compilation of fathers and their children

For P&G dads, including some of our colleagues shown here, we understand that a healthy work-life balance helps everyone in the entire family grow and thrive. That’s why we created the Share The Care paid parental leave, which makes newborn care unbiased by gender and no longer places an outsized burden on new moms by enabling both caregivers to stay at home with a newborn.

As we celebrate Father’s Day today we encourage you to connect with all the fathers and father figures in your life to say thanks and let them know they are appreciated and respected, no matter how corny their next joke might be.

Have a happy Father’s Day today, and every day.