P&G Design Brings Creative Spark to Cincinnati Festival

The P&G Design Team is the official Creative Sponsor of this year’s BLINK Parade in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For almost two centuries, the creative minds at Procter & Gamble have used their talent and design prowess to launch some of the world’s most iconic brands. When they’re not leveraging their skills as a Force for Growth for the Company, our design team is contributing to the rich and diverse artistic culture of our hometown city as a Force for Good.

BLINK GO Skyline

Image Credit: AGAR Agency

"We have our history with light," Phil Duncan, P&G chief design officer, told The Cincinnati Business Courier, referencing our Company's history of candle making. "That first light spawned a whole portfolio of some of the world’s leading brands."

Bounty partnered with a London-based artist on a mural as part of its Inclusive Artists Project. The permanent mural on Pleasant Street in Over-the-Rhine showcases the Brand's commitment to diversity in how the brand comes to life, staying relevant for consumers and the community.

BLINK Bounty Mural

Image Credit: AGAR Agency

The P&G Design Team was the official Creative Sponsor of this year’s BLINK Parade, part of the nation’s largest light, art and projection mapping experience.

P&G Design made this four-day, 30-city block, outdoor art experience an unforgettable one, uniting street art, projection mapping and light-based installations. P&G Design kicked off the event on Oct. 13th with the Future City Light Spectacular BLINK Parade, illuminating the history and heritage of P&G. P&G community relations manager Barbara Hauser shared with Local 12 TV how our P&G activation led the BLINK parade.

BLINK Parade Bike

“We are incredibly excited for this talented group of storytellers and visual thinkers to bring their creativity as we illuminate the streets of Cincinnati,” BLINK organizers said in an Instagram post.

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