P&G Earns Ninth Consecutive Gartner Supply Chain Mastery Award

P&G’s supply chain excellence has once again been externally recognized by Gartner, a leading information services firm, with the release of its 2023 ‘Supply Chain Top 25’ rankings. Gartner named P&G as one of four supply chain ‘Masters’ – the ninth consecutive year P&G has earned this distinction.

Gartner has been publishing the Supply Chain Top 25 annual ranking for 19 years, highlighting large manufacturers, retailers and distributors that demonstrate supply chain leadership in customer-driven partnerships, advanced analytics and corporate social responsibility.

Luc Reynaert

Luc Reynaert, Chief Product Supply Officer

P&G is honored to be recognized by Gartner as a Supply Chain Master nine years in a row. My thanks go, as always, to the highly committed people throughout our Product Supply organization who work, day in day out, to ensure our products are available to our consumers wherever and whenever they need them.

— Luc Reynaert,

Chief Product Supply Officer

Gartner specifically recognized P&G as having a long-term commitment to digitally transforming, citing P&G’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) use as particularly impressive by reaching a level where it's structurally applied across the organization with examples including demand sensing, inventory analytics and a ‘best in class’ segmentation framework.

P&G’s supply chain operational excellence was also noted with helping improve cash conversion and on-shelf availability. Gartner also recognized P&G’s continuing commitment to sustainability (with progress across climate, water and waste) and diversity, equality and inclusion. P&G’s Goa Plant’s ‘Saksham’ program won Gartner’s Power of the Profession award in the Social Impact category.

“While P&G is being applauded for our long-term commitment to Supply Chain excellence, we know we cannot be complacent with the current status quo,” continued Reynaert. “We know we must continue to take our supply chain mastery to the next level by providing even greater agility, flexibility, scalability, transparency, and productivity. We will continue to raise the bar within our focus areas to supply in full, ensure a superior workforce, increase digital capabilities and deliver our sustainability goals within our supply chain. This will bring extraordinary value to our ability to provide our consumers with the products they need for their daily lives.”

About the Masters
Gartner created the Master distinction to recognize an elite group for demonstrating long-term consistent Supply Chain excellence. P&G, Apple, Amazon, and Unilever are the only companies in the ‘Master’ category.

‘Master’ criteria include being ranked among the top five companies for at least seven of the past ten years. Gartner’s scoring is comprised of a mix of financial, ESG (environmental, social, governance) and community opinion components. Masters are considered ‘above the Top 25’ and not included in the Supply Chain Top 25 rankings.