Update on P&G's European Operations

This is a letter to P&G employees from Jon Moeller, P&G’s President and CEO, published on March 7, 2022.

P&G Colleagues,

Our hearts go out to all people who endure the unspeakable human toll of war, and we condemn aggression in any circumstance. We join the world in praying for peace.

As I shared last week, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our top priority has been to care for P&G people there and across the region who are directly impacted. We proactively suspended operations in Ukraine to help protect our people locally. Our continued efforts range from evacuation assistance, to financial and logistical support, to the provision of food, shelter and essential products for P&G families. P&Gers in Central Europe and around the world have stepped up to lend their individual support, many opening their homes to welcome their Ukrainian colleagues. This is a testament to P&G people and the values we share.

The impact of these humanitarian efforts is now materializing. A multi-million-dollar relief package of cash contributions and P&G products, including diapers, feminine care and other essentials are flowing to refugee families through the International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent Societies and relief organizations across Central and Eastern Europe. We are further expanding these efforts, including the employee matching gift program. Thank you for your contributions. We will stay closely connected with our relief partners to understand how we can uniquely help and expand our support as needed.

P&G products play a role in the daily lives of consumers all around world. The necessities our products provide are important even in times of crisis – enabling families to address their most basic health and hygiene needs amidst incredibly challenging circumstances. Within Ukraine, we are working with our distributors and aid organizations where they can operate safely to replenish supply and deliver essential products people need. Across Europe, our manufacturing and distribution teams are working around the clock to address the extraordinary logistical challenges to continue to serve consumers.

I also want to address questions I’ve received about our Russian operations. Our many Russian colleagues, and the people of Russia, face challenges and uncertainty for their futures that are also significant. P&G will continue to support them, but the situation necessitates important changes immediately and over time. We have discontinued all new capital investments in Russia and are suspending all media, advertising, and promotional activity. We are significantly reducing our product portfolio to focus on basic health, hygiene and personal care items needed by the many Russian families who depend on them in their daily lives. As we proceed with the reduced scale of our Russian operations, we will continue to adjust as necessary.

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who are stepping up in ways big and small. As we always do, P&G people come together in times of crisis to be our best – protecting each other, serving our consumers and supporting our communities.

Thank you.

Jon Moeller