The Science Behind Your Summer Essentials

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Three P&G Products Making Summer Better

It’s officially summertime in the United States, and after a long year when going out was often challenging, many of us are looking forward to enjoying the season and getting together again. As lockdown restrictions ease, millions of Americans are gearing up to get outside – and that means camping, swimming, hiking and cooking out.

It’s a growing trend across the country, with national parks from Yellowstone in California to Grand Teton in Wyoming seeing record surges of visitors, outdoor retailers seeing gear flying off shelves and airports seeing a huge uptick in travelers.

As you prepare for a summer full of outdoor adventures, backyard get-togethers and trips to the pool, you might be curious to hear about the science behind some of your favorite summer essentials.

Bugs Be Gone
Chances are, when you’re headed out on a camping, kayaking, or camping trip, you’ll encounter more than a few bugs along the way. But you may also encounter these unwanted pests in your home – and P&G has the perfect solution.

A successful result of our P&G Ventures start-up studio, Zevo Bug Spray is an innovative new bug-killing formula inspired by nature and bug’s natural defense systems. Experts in bug biology and behavior, our team worked together to develop a proprietary Bio-Selective™ Technology that would target the nerve receptors vital to bugs, not people or pets.

Zevo is an easy, safe and effective way to get rid of a broad range of crawling, flying and stinging insects – so you can keep your home bug-free.

Brand Image: Zevo Product

BBQ Clean Up
Warm summer days call for cold drinks, hot grills and good company. But whether it’s wings, burgers or hot dogs, there are bound to be plenty of dirty dishes when it’s all said and done.

To keep the clean up as quick and painless as possible, P&G introduced Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray. Thanks to grease-cutting technology and a powerful spray nozzle, the spray-activated suds eliminate the need for soaking by clinging to food soils, cleaning grease 5x than our Dawn Non-Concentrated product. The nozzle allows for even, targeted spraying, perfect for hard-to-reach items like reusable water bottles and coffee cups, while still allowing you to clean larger items, like cookie sheets, or casserole dishes.

With a simple SPRAY, WIPE, and RINSE, cleaning dishes in the sink is faster and easier than ever, making it less of a chore, which leaves you with more time to enjoy the things that matter most in life.

Brand Image: Dawn Powerwash

Keeping the Great Outdoors, Outdoors
Summer means muddy hikes, grass-stained picnics, sweaty excursions and all types of outdoor fun. Whether it’s fighting deep stains, keeping clothes clean and hygienic, or making sure everyone in the family is smelling fresh, P&G has products that check every box.

Designed to clean fabrics at the microscopic level, no germs are safe from Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty 10x Power PODS – which removes both visible and invisible dirt from your clothes. It’s packed with 10 concentrated cleaning active ingredients that can get between fibers and clean out hidden dirt like no other detergent can.

And for those very summer odors, there’s Downy® Infusions™ Scents, which uses touch-activated technology to keep clothes smelling fresh all day.

Brand Image: Downy

Pushing Products Forward
So, no matter where your summer takes you, P&G has you covered. Because every day, our teams are hard at work moving concepts farther, pushing products forward, and advancing technologies that will make your everyday life even better.

To learn more about our commitment to innovation, visit P&G LifeLab – where our obsession with the consumer and relentless pursuit of innovation meet, driving us to create products that reinvent everyday experiences.

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