Spring Cleaning with P&G Innovation

Mother and her son cleaning

Spring is here! Our P&G experts are sharing how you can use our innovative products most effectively for a superior clean in your home that helps keep your family safe and your home fresh all season long.

Tip #1: Keep the Bugs at Bay

Bottle of Zevo

Every Spring, flowers blossom, birds start to sing, and sometimes creepy crawlers make their way into your home.

Zevo Instant Action Sprays can help keep insects from bugging you with a powerful formula that’s inspired by nature and the natural defense system insects have. Through collaboration with experts in bug biology and behavior, our R&D team developed a proprietary Bio-Selective™ Technology that targets nerve receptors only vital to bugs, not people or pets.

Powered by essential oils, Zevo Instant Action Sprays are an easy, safe and effective way to get rid of a range of unwanted bugs and stay bug-free indoors. And now with Zevo On-Body Mosquito + Tick Repellents, you can stay bug free outdoors, too. Click here to learn more about Zevo and the scientists behind the innovation.

Meet Chris Smith, the P&G Scientist Helping Rid Your Home of Bugs

Tip #2: Less is More

Spring Cleaning Innovation - 9 Elements

9 Elements is a line of home care products with vinegar and plant-based ingredients that are supercharged by science and breakthrough technology to tackle the toughest cleaning problems without sacrificing quality over clean.

The home care products include multi-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, liquid dish soap and laundry detergent.

While a lot of consumers create their own vinegar-based cleaning products, 9 Elements took it to a new level in the lab. By supercharging the vinegar, our scientists ensured that 9 Elements is able to dissolve hard water build-up and release trapped residues and odors. Never made with more than 9 ingredients, it’s an easy choice for an everyday, and more importantly, an effective clean!

Tip #3: Join the Journey to Carbon Neutral Clean

The Journey to a Carbon Neutral clean starts small.

With EC30 Laundry Detergent and Toilet Cleaner, you can enjoy the same P&G cleaning power you know and love, while helping to keep our planet clean. Without water or plastic bottles, EC30 products eliminate unnecessary components that can make traditionally liquid cleaning products wasteful.

Best overall laundry sheet

EC30 products are proven to reduce CO2 emission impact from manufacturing, chemistry and shipping by 50% when compared to traditional liquids. The EC30 Laundry Detergent sheet has been awarded the #1 Best Overall Laundry Sheet by Good Housekeeping and has 10x the cleaning power of the leading eco laundry sheet. EC30’s toilet cleaner dissolves and foams in the toilet bowl once it makes contact with water, and it was named “Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaner” in Better Homes & Gardens’ 2023 Clean House Awards! Both products come in 100% paper recyclable packaging.

Best eco-friendly toilet cleaner

While tackling your spring cleaning with EC30 products, you can also help keep our planet’s air clean! For each EC30 product purchased, one tree will be planted by our expert in carbon offsets, the Arbor Day Foundation.