P&G Supports "Recovering Learning" to Help School Dropouts in Latin America

United Recovering Learning

School closures and the economic recession as a result of the pandemic health measures have taken a heavy toll on children and young people around the world. The socioeconomic crisis caused by COVID-19 will mean an educational setback of eight to ten years in Latin America, according to a projection of the Organization of Ibero-American States.

In Brazil, studies show that 28% of young people are considering not going back to school when the pandemic ends. In Costa Rica, almost 40% of public-school students cannot access virtual classes. Many also have problems in the family environment, which does not have tools and strategies to face stress and anxiety situations.

P&G, with the support of United Way, is taking an active role to fight school dropouts in Latin America by supporting the program Recovering Learning.

With actions in eight Latin American countries—Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Perú, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica and México—Recovering Learning has been able to reach more than 100,000 children and young students as well as more than 12,000 teachers and caregivers in the region.

The mission of the program is to keep schools clean and sterilized, provide reliable internet access and digital tools, and to train teachers in ways to get the most out of the program. In addition, P&G planned a program specially focused on helping parents and caregivers cope with children’s physical and mental needs during these complicated times.

P&G’s partnership with United Way is an example of how we’re stepping up to Lead with Love.