Powered by Purpose

A Podcast Series Presented by P&G
Powered by Purpose

For more than 183 years, we have felt an obligation to not only deliver superior products to our consumers but to also use our reach and our scale to do good in the world. Through decades of growth, we have sought footholds where we can contribute – be it through sharing our technology to clean water for people around the world with the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program or creating the world’s first assisted razor, Gillette TREO. We want to go beyond simply providing a superior product – and provide solutions to real human needs. We aim to do our part in supporting the communities where we do business.

Our people are on the frontlines of leading this effort to serve as a Force for Good, Force for Growth in the world. They are the innovators, the enthusiasts, the creators who bring our ethos to life.

To share their stories more broadly, we developed the Powered by Purpose podcast to amplify personal, powerful stories from inside and outside P&G. We debuted our first episode on International Podcast Day on September 30.

This podcast series explores the lives of people who are driven by a deep sense of purpose and need to make a real difference in the world. The conversations - hosted by renowned BBC journalist Simon Mundie - take us from Uganda to Saudi Arabia and from London to the USA. As we listen in to their personal accounts of resilience and resourcefulness, we find out how they use that energy to wake up every day looking to be a force for good.

P&G started this podcast series looking to speak to some of our fantastic people who work on household names like Tide, Pampers and Gillette – and what quickly becomes clear is that P&G is about far more than just business – it is about being Powered by Purpose.

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Podcast Episode 1: “Who decides what ‘normal’ is?”

This is the story of one woman’s love for her son – and how it ultimately prompted P&G to change the way it recruited new talent. With help from the National Autistic Society, the leader of P&G’s neurodiversity initiative Emma O’Leary has helped the company unlock a world of previously untapped creativity.

Check out our Citizenship Report, and how we’re striving towards equality and inclusion in the work place here. More on P&G recruitment here.

Episode 1 - Powered by Purpose

Podcast Episode 2: “I have bought a goat!”

This is L. is one of P&G’s newest period and personal care brands. The brand follows a one-for-one model where for each product sold, one is made accessible to someone in need through grants and partnerships. We talk with Diana in Uganda about Days for Girls, one of these partners, and how sewing machines and female empowerment build futures, not just menstrual kits.

Click to learn more from this episode: This is L. and Days for Girls.

Episode 2  - Powered by Purpose

Podcast Episode 3: “I see the world through other people’s eyes.

Sam Latif is an incredible woman who has refused to let being blind hold her back. From being the first woman in her family to go to university to moving from Scotland to London on her own to work for P&G, her story is one of resilience and resourcefulness. And now she’s using her passion to improve the lives of other blind people around the world.

Click to learn more about Be My Eyes, World Sight Day 2019, and tactile markings on Herbal Essences and more products, click here.

Episode 3  - Powered by Purpose

Podcast Episode 4: “At the end of the day, we are fighting stereotypes.”

Hala Qattan is challenging perceptions about women in the workplace in Saudi Arabia, paving the way for others to follow in her footsteps. She shares her experiences of working for P&G alongside people who prove that equality and respect isn’t an ideal – it’s at the heart of who we are.

Learn more about our work towards Gender Equality and read more about how Always is celebrating women through Like A Girl and #TheNewBrave.

Episode 4  - Powered by Purpose

Podcast Episode 5: “I did it for them, but in fact, it changed me.”

Now more than ever, P&G is embracing its ethos to be a force for good in the world. Julie DeSylva is one of the incredible people leading an extraordinary mission to step up and make a difference when disaster strikes.

Learn more about our efforts to provide 15 billion+ liters of clean water worldwide through CSDW, deliver meaningful community impact following disasters, and how we’re stepping up to deliver assistance through the pandemic.

Episode 5  - Powered by Purpose

Podcast Episode 6: “It does allow us that little piece of mummy and me time.”

Dorothy has a beautiful relationship with her son Anthony who has Down syndrome. We take a look at how using one of P&G’s innovative products – Gillette TREO – has totally transformed a previously challenging task into something they both now enjoy.

Click to learn more about TREO online or click here for a packet to download.

Episode 6  - Powered by Purpose