P&G’s North America Consumers Show Pride Through P&G Good Everyday

LGBTQ+ North America

P&G Consumers in North America can support Can’t Cancel Pride through P&G Good Everyday.

When you choose Can’t Cancel Pride as your cause, each sign-up, receipt scan and survey will be a donation to provide one phone call to an isolated LGBTQ+ elder in need of connection to community. Click here to learn how.

Through the generous support of tens of thousands of P&G consumers, P&G Good Everyday has donated 60,876 phone calls to an isolated LGBTQ+ elder in need. Read the P&G Good Everyday Impact Plan.

P&G Brands Bounty®, Braun, Charmin®, Dawn®, Downy®, GilletteLabs®, Metamucil®, Pampers®, Pantene, Tide®, Venus and VÖOST Vitamins have stepped up to support Can’t Cancel Pride.