The Right to Vote

Over the last few days, the issue of voting access has become sharply in focus. As a U.S. citizen, this concerns me as I am sure it concerns many of you, and I feel it is important you know where P&G stands.

To be clear, P&G is not a political organization, and as a Company we don’t take a position on every candidate or legislative item. However, we do take a position on the act of voting itself—we firmly believe voting is one of the most fundamental rights we have, and every citizen deserves the right to vote and to have their vote counted, respected and protected.

The act of voting is an act of public service. Every effort should be made to support easy access for citizens to vote, not make the ability to vote more restrictive.

At P&G, we try to do our part. We provide paid time off to P&G employees for voting and flexibility for civic engagement as well as other resources for employees to understand how they can participate in the democratic process. We also make our voice heard with policymakers through industry groups like the Business Roundtable, which has also shared a point of view on this topic.

Much as we have learned innovative new ways to work and operate differently over the past year, we should be bringing similar types of inventive efforts to bear on the voting process to ensure every citizen who wants to vote has the opportunity to do so. Voting should be easily, safely and securely accessible to every U.S. citizen.

Together, we have lived through a lot of uncertainty over the last year—the ability to vote should not be one of those uncertainties.

Thank you,


David Taylor
Chairman, President and CEO