Stepping Up for our People during COVID-19

Stepping up

Our commitment to serving our consumers and communities begins with safe and protected employees.

We’ve bolstered the robust measures already in place for workplace safety — including comprehensive cleaning of work areas, temperature scans, masks, shift rotations, physical distancing and working from home.

We’ve also adjusted our strong U.S. employee benefits and programs to support specific needs related to the current phase of COVID-19 in the following ways:

  • If employees are medically quarantined, or sick and unable to work due to COVID-19, their time away will be paid, subject to local laws and contracts. The quarantine period will not reduce accrued unused sick days.
  • In partnership with local governments, we are supporting pay continuation for employees who can’t perform their work remotely, aren’t exempt from a government stay-at-home directive, or for whom alternative work isn’t available.
  • On top of ongoing healthcare coverage in times of illness, employees won’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses for COVID testing or in-network virtual and telehealth visits.
  • We remain committed to providing flexible solutions to help employees manage work and dependent care.
  • We’re bringing renewed attention to resources like free access to mental health and wellness programs.
  • We offer emergency loans to help employees and their families.

As former P&G CEO John Smale (1981 – 1990) said, “The company’s tradition of caring for its people is perhaps the most important aspect of its character.”

These measures build on what P&G people are doing for each other: using collaboration tools to stay connected; working diligently to make, pack and ship the products families count on; using P&G know-how to develop and deliver masks and sanitizer; and being here for our consumers and communities as this crisis unfolds—however long it takes.

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