Superior Employee Experience Starts with Dialogue

Mutual Understanding is Fundamental to Creating Great Place To Work

Just as we strive to deliver a superior consumer experience, we also aim to deliver a superior employee experience to our team members around the globe. Sundar Raman, Fabric and Home Care CEO, says that superior experience starts with dialogue.

“Creating forums where we can have open conversations with our people is more important than ever, especially in light of the past couple of years and against the backdrop of the pandemic,” he said.

People in the workplace

P&G + Me = Mutual Success
In that spirit of dialogue, Sundar also recently sat down with several P&G team members to understand what keeps them coming to work, as well as to understand their expectations and what they are looking for at P&G.

“A few key themes shined through. Inspiration, learning, support and growth, inside and outside our office walls,” he said.

These same ideals come to life in the Company’s employee value equation, called P&G + Me = Mutual Success, which is intentionally framed as an equation that leads to mutual success for employees and for the business.

One key theme is the importance of having a true opportunity to learn and grow. Product Supply Finance Manager Giulia Quinzi, for example, who joined P&G just two years ago as a finance analyst, told us she was passionate about expanding her finance skills and learning about brand building. Her managers proposed a brand building project for her to learn on the job, which became a meaningful learning opportunity for her.

For Augustin Schmidli, who has worked in Finance for 15 years, every new assignment became a new opportunity to learn and grow. In his own words “changing roles is sometimes as if you had changed companies.”

Making an impact and being trusted with bigger responsibilities is another key theme. Pascal Vent joined the Company 11 years ago as a finance analyst and recently expanded his responsibilities to take on commercial operations. He asked his managers for end-to-end accountability and got full support to expand his role.

“It has been a fantastic experience,” he said. “I am grateful for the trust and having the opportunity to learn on the job.”

Working in a place where we feel valued and rewarded is another important area. Lea Jaquier, who joined us just three months ago as Human Resources executive assistant, loves coming to work because her colleagues make her feel welcomed and supported. She recently received her first “Power of You” award – one of the many reward systems we have in place – with thank you notes and flowers from colleagues.

Another important learning is that people are inspired to work for an inclusive company. Giuseppe Berardone, Product Supply Global Innovation Vice President, has had a successful career in product supply for more than three decades. During this time, he found P&G to be a safe place to openly talk about the challenges he faced as a gay man. His colleagues became his advocates, supporting him in coming out publicly, and he has since become a role model and sponsor for P&G’s LGBTQ+ community.

Gabriela Renteria, who joined the Company 18 months ago as a Sustainability Product Supply manager, is inspired by the positive impact she can make on the planet.

“Our products are used by billions of people every day,” she said. “If I help reduce the environmental footprint of our products even by a small percentage, this has a big positive impact on the planet.”

To learn more about Giulia, Augustin, Pascal, Lea, Giuseppe and Gabriela, watch the video below. Sundar was also recently featured, alongside Arianna Huffington, in the Financial Times, discussing how the world of work has changed dramatically, especially in the last couple of years with COVID-19.

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