VÖOST Vitamin Boost Brand Launches in Retailers Nationwide

With eight effervescent varieties, VÖOST supports daily wellness and allows consumers to curate a personalized daily routine in an effizzing new way

VÖOST Vitamin Boost

All over the world, consumers seek out brands committed to innovative exploration and experimentation. At P&G, we’re dedicated to solving real problems and transforming lives through our business and more importantly — our brands. Now, we’re transforming how people care for their bodies and power their lives with a new, customizable range of effervescent vitamins in a drop-in formulation that makes getting the supplements you need effortless!

With a fantastically fizzy new lineup, VÖOST is delivering portable bursts of vitamins in a convenient and delicious effervescent form that uplifts the ordinary vitamin experience into something extraordinary.

There’s taking vitamins…and then there’s experiencing VÖOST. Consumers are looking for easy ways to boost their health and wellness with products that allow them to customize based on their unique and ever-changing needs. That’s where VÖOST comes in, with vitamin boosts that support a variety of wellness needs ranging from men’s and women’s multi-vitamins to Vitamin C and Beauty. Health-conscious consumers can curate a daily routine that works for them. With zero sugar and only 10 calories per tablet, simply drop one VÖOST tablet into water, let it fizz and dissolve, then drink for flavorsome fun that can be taken on the go — no mixing required!

Most consumers are already incorporating vitamins into their daily routine, but only a small percentage actually enjoy taking them. For nearly a decade, demand has been growing for a new form that tastes great, has minimal sugar or calories, and most importantly, is convenient. With an eye toward this trend and recognizing the growing global interest in effervescent vitamins, P&G acquired VÖOST after more than a decade of proven success in Australia.

VÖOST Brand lineup

To highlight the effizzing amazing benefits of VÖOST for the U.S. launch, the brand is teaming up with leading influencers known for their bold, effervescent personalities to showcase how the fantastically fizzy tablets uplift their busy day-to-day routines. Dozens of partners across TikTok and Instagram – known as the VÖOSTer Club – will take to social media to drive buzz for the launch and encourage health-conscious consumers to integrate VÖOST into their everyday health and wellness routine.

To learn more, please visit voostvitamin.com and follow @voost_us for new brand updates.

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