P&G Innovates for Any Age and Every Stage of Life

For more than 185 years, P&G has been delivering products that make consumers lives easier, no matter what stage of life they’re in. Whether it’s helping girls navigate their first period, making it easier for women to determine if they’re pregnant, or providing needed information later in life to demystify menopause, our portfolio of brands have you covered.

A blue and white box with a blue Clearblue logo and product name. The box features the image of a digital menopause test and text indicating its results help you understand your menopause journey.

Equipping Women for their Menopause Journey
In the U.S. over 45 million women are aged 40-55 years, with the average age of menopause being 51. However, perimenopause can start many years before that and symptoms can overlap with those of other health issues. Despite affecting so many, menopause is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. Individuals may experience up to 30 symptoms that can begin during perimenopause and which may not be associated with menopause.

More than two in three women feel inadequately prepared to take on their journey, and only 45% feel they have enough information to manage it. Not surprisingly, menopause is a hot topic that’s commonly searched — at a rate of ten times more than fertility — but it makes up just roughly 25% of the full conversation.

There is a significant opportunity to help equip women with needed information, and with this in hand, empower them to engage in conversation about menopause with their healthcare professionals.

To meet this need, Clearblue introduced the Clearblue® Menopause Stage Indicator, an easy-to-use, at-home test kit to help individuals determine their likely stage of menopause. This educational tool helps users be more engaged in understanding and tracking what is going on with their body as they transition through menopause.

This new innovation is aligned with the STRAW+10 methodology, the most common framework for healthcare professional diagnosis of menopause. It works by capturing data through five Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) urine tests over the course of 10 days and is designed for use with the accompanying free Menopause Stage — Clearblue me® app. A smart algorithm in the app guides users on how and when to test and combines FSH results with age and cycle history to calculate likely menopause stage. Consumers can generate a personalized report to share and discuss with their healthcare professionals.

A woman in yoga attire poses against a vibrant blue background and next to a box of Always Infinity Flexfoam pads. The box of pads prominently displays the product name and features a visual representation of the Flexfoam technology.

Personalized Fit. Period.
Each individual’s body and menstrual flow is different, so why settle for one-size-fits-all feminine hygiene products?

Sixty percent of women use the wrong pad size, which can cause leakage, product overuse and not to mention, discomfort. Always Flexfoam is a line of sanitary pads available in a variety of sizes for anybody and every body. An innovative Flexfoam technology and a pliable, absorbent design help hug the contours of the body for comfort and leak prevention. An Always Fit Guide and refreshed packaging help users find their perfect fit.


For nearly six decades, tampons were cylindrical even though a woman’s body is not. Tampax reinvented the modern tampon, with an innovative design that gently expands to fit each consumer’s unique shape. Later, the brand introduced Tampax Pearl, which features a rounded plastic applicator and FormFit expansion, providing comfort and leakage protection for hours. Since then, the brand has continued to innovate, introducing new sizes and educating consumers on how to select the right product for their flow.

A smiling couple holds Clearblue ovulation tests, one displaying a smiling face indicating ovulation. They are excited and hopeful about the positive result.

Demystifying Ovulation and Pregnancy
At-home ovulation and pregnancy tests can be hard to read, leaving women wondering “Am I or aren’t I?.”

Clearblue created the first at-home digital ovulation and pregnancy tests with display screens, for better readability and clearer results. The Clearblue digital ovulation test shows a flashing smiley face on screen to indicate the rise of the ovulation hormone, LH (luteinizing hormone).

A woman with tan skin and long curly brown hair, stands against a white background. In the foreground, there is a white and blue Clearblue pregnancy test with the digital display showing the word 'pregnant.' The woman's expression suggests joy.

Clearblue digital pregnancy tests use a Smart Countdown, showing four segments that flash in sequence to indicate that the test is working and when to anticipate results. When the test is concluded, the screen displays the results in words, indicating “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.”