Committed to Premature Babies, Their Families and Their Caretakers

This World Prematurity Day, Pampers and P&G continue to help raise awareness of preterm birth and the concerns of preterm babies and their families worldwide.

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Pampers is committed to help make the world a better place for every baby, because giving babies a safe, happy and healthy start in life is what has driven us for more than 50 years.

But we know that not every baby has an equal start. 1 in 10 babies globally are born too soon — that’s 15 million babies every year across the world.1

A Cause Close to Our Heart
Twenty years ago, Pampers developed its tiniest and extra-gentle diapers: Pampers Preemie Protection. Today, they are uniquely designed to help support early development of premature babies — from leakage protection for uninterrupted sleep, to extra gentle materials for their delicate skin, and re-attachable tabs to support the diaper change in any position, at any time.

It has been Pampers’ mission since the launch of this product to support the most vulnerable premature babies, as well as their parents and caregivers, and the Brand’s work for preemies goes beyond its product innovation. We are donating our smallest diapers, as well as championing our #PampersForPreemies campaign, together with charity partners, ambassadors, retailer partners, neonatal teams, and with the support of parents around the world to raise awareness of prematurity while supporting those preemie babies most in need.

Premature baby

#PampersForPreemies In Action
In 2021, over 3.5 million diapers were donated to hospitals globally as part of Pampers’ pledge to help preemies get the best possible start in life. In the UK, Pampers has donated preemie nappies to UK hospitals and ASDA pharmacies since 2019 free of charge. China and Brazil got involved in the initiative for the first time in 2021.

This year, support continues around the globe across more than 20 countries championing the preemie cause, which focuses on the importance of gentle touch on babies’ skin, as it’s how they feel love.

Pampers is also looking ahead to the future, solidifying our support for preemies through ourAmbition 2030 goals to educate 100 million parents about prematurity, support 100,000 more neonatal experts by sharing best practices in preemie care and donating 100 million specially designed diapers to preemie babies in countries around the world.

Scholarships & Grants for Healthcare Professionals
NICU nurses play such a critical role in babies’ lives. Pampers is proud to fund scholarships for Neonatal Touch and Massage Certification, a program designed to integrate positive neonatal touch into the life-saving care of NICUs everywhere.

This is one of the most valuable, in-depth courses I have taken, and I highly recommend this certification to all neonatal nurses.

– Amy Wiford,

Click here to learn more about the scholarship and grants programs through Pampers Professional.

Through our ongoing work we will show our support to every preemie baby born today, tomorrow and every day.