Celebrating 2023 Brand Mastery Society Inductees and Best of Brands Who Raise the Brand-Building Bar

P&G’s annual awards spotlights five brand mastery leaders and 12 brands for achieving strong growth results.

For the first time in four years, P&G hosted our annual Best of Brand Awards and Brand Mastery Society Induction in-person in Cincinnati. These honors recognize the leaders and brands delivering ground-breaking design, innovation and strategy, enabling P&G to create irresistible experiences enjoyed by our consumers every day.

Viewing parties took place around the world, with teams joining live watch parties in Canada, Europe, India and Latin America. Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, hosted the event, spotlighting the brand teams who drive growth by bringing the very best creativity to life through our brands.

P&G inducted five new Brand Masters, leaders widely recognized for their contributions by other leaders, colleagues, peers and partners. Brand Master Society members excel in creativity, design irresistibly superior brand experiences, pioneer innovative approaches, build expertise in others and contribute superior value to consumers and for the company and brands over the years.

The brands named “Best of Brands” win the smiles, hearts and minds of consumers through our strategy of superiority — creating superior products, designing superior packaging, developing superior brand communication, implementing superior retail execution and ensuring superior value. To be honored, brands must deliver growth across five measures that create an irresistibly superior consumer experience.

12 logos are featured against a black backdrop. The brands received P&G's Best of Brand Award in 2023, including Aussie, Pepto Bismol, Puffs, Ariel, Metamucil, Tide, Downy & Lenor, Old Spice, Native, Vicks, Dawn/Salvo/Fairy and Pampers.

There is no question in my mind that P&G people are the very best in the world. You are staying focused on what matters and building on the momentum you have created to deliver winning results year after year after year for sustained brand building excellence.

— Marc Pritchard,

Chief Brand Officer

This year, we have 89 brand and country combinations that raised the bar during the past year to become a finalist — across market growth, user growth, share growth, sales and profit growth.

Congratulations to the following 12 brands receiving a Best of Brand Award! Here are a few highlights:


Aussie focused on the highest-performance needs of consumers with textured hair that tends to be curly and coily, which needs the superior moisture performance that is Aussie’s strength. Through superior brand communication, partnering with influencers to create compelling edutainment content for platforms like TikTok and showing easy hair care regimens, Aussie helps consumers discover their way to #AUSSomeHair.

Pepto Bismol

After 105 years, Pepto Bismol is still making upset stomachs happy. The brand’s communication leverages recognizable brand assets like its signature pink color, a “coats and soothes” product performance demonstration and its catchy jingle “when you have…nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea”. They add seasonally relevant messaging around food-centric moments and make Pepto easy to find in-store so consumers can pick up Pepto when stomach upsets strike.


A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed, but many consumers don’t understand why their skin needs lotion. Puffs is focused on winning with consumers who often turn to toilet paper or cloth handkerchiefs. Educational communication demonstrates the benefit of lotion tissue, featuring the Puffs Pals who are there for your sniffles and blows and can help you care for your nose.


In India, Ariel is winning washing machine households, using consumer insights to create their 100 stains campaign, which showcases just how many different kinds of stains can be cleaned in one load of laundry. Achar (a bold blend of pickled fruits and vegetables)? No problem. Haldi (turmeric)? We got that. Combined together with 100 other stains? Ariel can attack them all with one load.


Metamucil celebrates its 90th birthday in 2024 and is still rocking. How does the brand keep winning year after year? They constantly improve superiority in product and packaging, with innovations like the new delightful gummies and consumer engagement like the 14-Day Challenge — a transformative experience that helps move people from feeling sluggish and weighed down to feeling lighter and more energetic.


Tide India’s success is a result of deep consumer understanding on what’s needed to get the job done — acting on the insight of India’s diversity of water, wash conditions and temperatures across geographies. Their surprising clean campaign focuses on stain removal. For example, a new school year doesn’t always require buying a new shirt – washing with Tide helps keep even school shirts looking new.


Downy/Lenor delivers a WOW Product that delights consumers with a WOW scent experience at the first use, every use, and from the start of the day to the end. In Mexico, consumers wanted a scent that lasted all day, from their morning commute all the way through dinner. Downy created a product with 50% more fragrance that reactivates throughout the day, just by rubbing your clothes.

Old Spice

Fueled by the winds of long-lasting freshness, amazing scents and insight-driven innovation, Old Spice continues to intrigue guys to try the brand and come back for more. The Men Have Skin, Too campaign in North America continued to educate guys that Old Spice products are not only designed for them, but are soooo good that even the women in their lives want to use them.


Native’s Body Wash showcases a formulation that is clean and simple, but with no compromises on effectiveness. Made with plant-based cleansers, Native Body Wash users can choose from an assortment of legendary fresh scents without sacrificing a sudsy lather. Their Bathrodite campaign dramatizes the love-at-first-bath experience that comes with discovering the benefits of using Native, proving that an effective and clean body wash isn’t a myth.


Pampers is laser-focused on delivering irresistible superiority across all vectors, starting with a superior product with 100% leakproof diapers that absorb in one second and protect baby’s skin. Pampers brand communication is sparked by meaningful insights from babies and parents to demonstrate how Pampers gives parents peace of mind and babies the freedom to wiggle, crawl and even run wild.


Consumers spend 29 minutes doing dishes every day! So, Dawn, Fairy and Salvo’s vision is to make hand dishwashing faster, more effortless and less wasteful. In the U.K., Fairy Max Power put their iconic "spokes baby,” Little Bizzie, into action — cutting through greasy challenges using cooler water and four times less scrubbing for “less time at the sink, more time together.”


For 130 years, Vicks has delivered cold and flu care to families around the world. It’s an essential in homes, an icon of care that Vicks is providing in more categories and more forms. For that reason, consumers continue to count on its trusted relief through every cold and flu season — relief you feel, power you trust. Vicks is an iconic brand, and its original product, Vicks VapoRub, is still loved today.

Congratulations to all our brands whose great work helps P&G deliver superior products and exceptional experiences to the billions of consumers we serve every day.