Unveiling Secret Science: P&G's Innovation in Dishwashing

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Switch From Normal to Short Cycles with Fairy Platinum Plus

To uncover the secrets behind auto dishwashing and the novel technology in Fairy Platinum Plus, Gianluca Basciu, P&G Europe Innovation Reporter, meet with Katrien Hellings, R&D Product Research Scientist Automatic Dishwashing Europe, to learn firsthand why there's no need to pre-wash dishes or use long cycles.

“Did you know that ecocycles actually on average use the same amount of energy than a short cycle1,” said Hellings. “And short cycles are up to six times faster.”

There are four factors that play a role in a dishwashing machine’s performance – time, temperature, mechanics and the cleaning ingredient. That’s why it’s more difficult in short cycles to remove those tough greasy food soils when your time and temperature are reduced.

“Because cleaning ingredients play a big role in the short cycle, it’s really important to use the right products.”

- Katrien Hellings

Fairy Platinum Plus is designed to deliver brilliant cleaning results in less than an hour. From baked-on white sauce to tough greasy food soils, Fairy Platinum Plus tackles it all with ease, leaving dishes sparkling clean. Discover the science behind this innovation and the unique blend of enzymes and surfactants that make it the perfect choice for auto dishwashing.

1 Pre-programmed cycles below 55 mins. For more information visit: Fairy Dishwasher Cycle | SuperSavvyMe.

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Fairy Max Power: Brilliant Cleaning Performance in Cooler Water Temperatures

In our latest adventure, filmed at Fairy’s R&D center in Brussels, we dive into the science of hand dishwashing with Fairy Max Power.

Join us as Bart van de Putte, R&D Product Research Senior Scientist Hand Dishwashing Europe, divulges the secrets behind Fairy Max Power’s brilliant cleaning performance in cooler water temperatures.

“Our new product innovations, such as Fairy Max Power, always begin with what consumers need,” said van de Putte. “Through our most recent tests, we’ve learned that more and more consumers are interested in washing dishes at cooler temperatures. And in our lab is where the magic happens – we evaluate more than 5,000 formulations every year to select the best active ingredients for our new product. With Fairy Max Power, you spend less effort scrubbing and clean faster without any need of hot water.”

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Unveiling Secret Science: P&G's Commitment to Innovation in Feminine Care

Welcome back to Secret Science, where groundbreaking innovation meets consumer needs head-on. In our latest episode, filmed in Schwalbach, Germany, we delve into the world of Feminine Care products at P&G.

From menstrual products to solutions for adult incontinence, P&G is committed to addressing the diverse needs of women worldwide. Join us as we uncover the science behind Always Discreet® and the mission to empower women to live confidently.

Why are these products so important? According to our research, nearly one in two women after menopause experience unintended urine loss, impacting their daily lives and routines. With Always Discreet, women can feel instantly dry and secure, allowing them to regain confidence and independence.

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But innovation doesn't stop there. P&G's state-of-the-art technology, such as computer tomography, allow our scientists to visualize fluid movement through materials in real-time, providing valuable insights for product development. The result? Exceptional products that provide protection, discretion and comfort all at once.

Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in Feminine Care.