Personal Growth, Purpose and Making a Difference for Employees at P&G

Two women face each other as they engage in conversation. They are standing at the end of a hallway, in front of a digital display of a blue, white and pink logo.

P&G + Me = Mutual Success | 7 P&G Employees Share Their P&G Stories

Two women face each other as they engage in conversation. They are standing at the end of a hallway, in front of a digital display of a blue, white and pink logo.

At P&G, our programs help ensure P&G people are inspired, feel valued and rewarded, and that they continue to learn and grow while making an impact on the business and helping improve lives in the communities where we live and work.

As P&G grows, we stay grounded in our Purpose, Values and Principles and a deep-rooted understanding between each other and our Company that being our best and doing our best — for the people who buy our products, for one another and for the world around us — will lead to mutual success.

A Hispanic man in a white t-shirt holds a newborn baby girl in his arms as he smiles.

Chris Sanchez, Senior Director, North America Hair Care

Cincinnati – United States

“Between my wife and I, we have more than 20 years of service to P&G. We also represent the 1 in 8 couples that experience infertility. Our journey has included miscarriage, emergency room visits, surgeries, IUI cycles, IVF cycles, multiple rounds of injections and countless ultrasounds and bloodwork before we were blessed with a positive pregnancy result and welcomed our first child in 2018. This was a physically and emotionally exhausting and stressful period, taking us through highs and lows. The greatest support I could provide was to physically be present at every step. It was important that I attended every doctor appointment and every round of new news.

“In 2021, my wife and I welcomed our second child. It was not only exciting to bring this new addition home, but it was extremely exciting to know that I would be leveraging the eight-week P&G paternity leave. In partnership with my manager and my team, we built and aligned a coverage plan that truly enabled me to disengage and be present at home for my wife, toddler and newborn. While those eight weeks weren’t easy, the ability to be there for my family in some of the hardest and most exhausting times is exactly where I needed to be. There was never any question on ‘if’ I would utilize this benefit, but what I found is that the experience was maximized with a work culture that encouraged me to take leave.

“It gives me great pride as a P&G employee to know that we have a Company and managers who put families first. P&G supports employees through their personal and professional journeys.”

A white man wears glasses, a blue collared shirt and dark blue tie as he smiles directly at the camera.

Mark Bailey, Human Resources Expert, North America Baby Care

Cincinnati – United States

Ten years ago, Mark Bailey was fighting an invisible battle. When his father passed away, Mark hit a tipping point and began having panic attacks. “I could not hide my anxiety and depression at work anymore. I would leave the room in the middle of meetings and sob in the bathroom,” he said.

After one episode, his manager, Susan, approached him. Bailey thought he was getting fired. Instead, she was the first person to show genuine caring, compassion and empathy. “She walked me to the cafeteria where we could have tea and communicate like we were two human beings. That was so powerful for me,” he said.

That simple act provided a psychological safe space that inspired Bailey to be vulnerable and open. And it changed his course. His manager helped him find the appropriate resources and continued to check on his personal wellbeing.

P&G employees have a wide range of health benefits — access to counseling via Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), flexible work arrangements and extended leave options. But for Bailey, his manager’s empathetic approach may have been the most important resource.

“It inspired me to be the best, not just the best performer I'd been in my career, but to be the best employee in my organization,” he said.

As Bailey found his way, he felt compelled to help others. He started the Global Employee Mental Health Support Group, which meets monthly, and he speaks to managers about how to create a safe space for employees.

By sharing his experience, Bailey is making strides against the stigma of mental illness. “It’s amazing to feel welcome to talk about mental health, especially in a room with leaders,” he said.

A black woman with short blonde hair wears glasses and a black sweater as she smiles directly at the camera.

Michelle Kange, Process Engineer

Johannesburg – South Africa

“I work on the production line in the Baby Care module at the P&G Johannesburg Plant in South Africa. My line is currently the only diaper line in South Africa. I am inspired daily knowing that I serve the cutest and least complicated customers on earth — babies! Previous classmates of mine, family and friends take pride in using the products that I support in making daily. I feel a clear and direct sense of purpose through this work!

“P&G provides me with different challenges that stretch me outside of my comfort zone. My personal growth goes way beyond making diapers! I truly enjoy working at P&G.”

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Ricardo Rocha, Equality and Inclusion Program Leader

Sao Paulo – Brazil

“I grew up in a poor community in Brazil with violence and drugs where I had no expectation for growth. At a young age, I found out about the University Zumbi Dos Palmares in Brazil and was given the opportunity to attend, making me the first member of my family to attend college, graduate and then hold a formal job.

“Throughout my professional career, I gained a strong affinity for diversity and inclusion and felt a strong connection to P&G’s commitments to Equality & Inclusion. When I started working at P&G, I immediately connected with P&G’s mission to be a Force for Growth and a Force for Good. In my role at P&G, I am given the opportunity to make things right for minority groups and work with other Equality and Inclusion leaders in the industry.

“One of my favorite aspects about working at P&G is how innovation is fostered. I am given the space to co-create ideas and grow. Every day, I work with colleagues to ideate solutions for our consumers and employees.”

A Hispanic woman with light brown hair wears a brown short brimmed hat as she smiles directly into the camera.

Paula Arce Rivano, Compensation and Benefits Leader

Santiago – Chile

“I started at P&G in a call center and was given the opportunity to connect with consumers to understand their needs and insights. I was a young mother when I started and had to quickly learn how to balance my professional career and my personal life as a mom. Early in my career, I was given the opportunity to visit the P&G General Office and I remember calling my mom and saying, ‘This is the place that I want to work!’

“I am continuously provided opportunities to expand my work scope and from this, I learn many new things and grow every day. At P&G, I have a very strong work-life balance and have been able to be a successful mom and professional at the same time. P&G has given me many opportunities and helped me meet a big part of my dreams. This is where I started and where I want to close my professional career.”

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Inez Kocsis, Product Supply Administrator

Gyöngyös – Hungary

“At P&G, I am inspired to do better every day. I enjoy working in a field that I love where I am faced with new challenges and able to learn about myself and my personal skills. I am truly inspired working on the P&G team and can always count on a helping hand when I need it from those around me. The teamwork and collaboration at P&G inspire me to be more creative and broaden my knowledge. I truly feel like a strongly valued member of the P&G team.”

A white man very short grey hear wears glasses and a dark red t-shirt as he smiles directly at the camera.

Peter Bradley, Automation Manager

Cobalt Park – United Kingdom

“I’ve been with P&G for nearly three decades and I’ve seen myself and the Company grow in many ways. I’m grateful to my colleagues and managers who have put their faith in me over the years to deliver strong results. Together, we courageously try new things, some of which work and some that teach us how to improve moving forward. P&G never discourages employees from trying new things.

“I’ve always had roles which I have enjoyed, they have challenged me and have given me plenty of chances to learn new things, make a difference to people’s jobs and I hope in some small way, the overall P&G business. So why am I still at P&G? Easy — why work anywhere else?! The work, the people the PVPs, the support you get, the chances to try and learn new things all made it for me, the place to stay. What motivates me is the work, the chance to make a difference and make our business a success! What motivates me are the exceptional managers I’ve worked for and the CEOs who have inspired from afar to ‘do the right thing.’ What motives me are the people I work with who needed my help and have helped me at the same time achieve some outstanding results for the business.”

At P&G, we believe in finding small but meaningful ways to improve lives — now and for generations to come.

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