Meet the P&G European Innovators Behind the Innovation

Katrien Hellings in a white lab coat, holding out in front of her a dishwasher cleaning packet

Katrien Hellings, R&D Product Research Scientist, Automatic Dishwashing Europe

Katrien Hellings in a white lab coat, holding out in front of her a dishwasher cleaning packet

I am very much convinced that, in life, you need to follow your heart. And with age, this feeling is getting even stronger. Do what you love; love what you do.

I followed my heart at a very young age: I had just signed a contract at another company when my boyfriend, who was already working at P&G, told me the company was looking for researchers. I applied, instantly had a very good feeling and decided to start here anyway. Twenty-five years later, I am still around.

I just love what I do and love the people I work with. I am a team player and find a lot of satisfaction in seeing the people you are coaching grow. Moreover, in our team, we all share a good sense of humor and a drive to get things done. Seeing a product you worked on in stores or commercials is a great recognition for me and my team.

One of the things I am most proud of is the introduction of Fairy Platinum Plus. It led to category growth and motivated consumers to stop pretreating their dishes. We are also educating consumers to change their habits and to start using the short cycle on their dishwasher. Fairy Platinum Plus has been specially designed for short cycles (pre-programmed cycles under 55 minutes) with a proprietary blend of technologies that start working faster and at lower temperatures.

In my free time, I relax by playing tennis, meeting and dining with friends, traveling and exploring new cultures. At the same time, I can just as much enjoy sitting in my garden in summer and being surrounded by my husband and two daughters. As an ultimate dream — I don’t dream big — I want to remain happy in life and hope my children will find the same level of happiness. I hope they will be able to do what they love and love what they do.

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