Celebrating P&G Fathers Around the World

Extended Paternity Leave Policy Making a Difference for P&Gers and Their Families.

Expanding a family is a significant and exciting life change. At P&G, we believe caring for home and family has no gender, and that when all parents have access to paid leave and the ability to share in caregiving, it’s healthy for children, parents, families and the Company.

P&G’s #ShareTheCare policy offers all P&G employees responsible for a child’s upbringing (mothers, fathers, domestic partners and legal guardians) eight weeks of paid leave to care for and bond with children new to their family.

A few P&G fathers share how they enjoyed time at home with their newborns and the impact the extended leave had on them and their families.

‘A Work Culture That Encouraged Me to Take Leave'

Chris Sanchez, Senior Director, North America Hair Care

Chris Sanchez with his family

“Between my wife and I, we have more than 20 years of service at P&G. We also represent the 1 in 8 couples that experience infertility. Our journey has included miscarriage, emergency room visits, surgeries, IUI cycles, IVF cycles, multiple rounds of injections and countless ultrasounds and bloodwork before we were blessed with a positive pregnancy result and welcomed our first child in 2018. This was a physically and emotionally exhausting and stressful period, taking us through highs and lows. The greatest support I could provide was to physically be present at every step. It was important that I attended every doctor appointment and every round of new news.

In 2021, my wife and I welcomed our second child. It was not only exciting to bring this new addition home, but it was extremely exciting to know that I would be leveraging the eight-week P&G paternity leave. In partnership with my manager and my team, we built and aligned on a coverage plan that truly enabled me to disengage and be present at home for my wife, toddler and newborn. While those eight weeks weren’t easy, the ability to be there for my family in some of the hardest and most exhausting times is exactly where I needed to be. There was never any question of ‘if’ I would utilize this benefit, but what I found is that the experience was maximized with a work culture that encouraged me to take leave.
It gives me great pride as a P&G employee to know that we have a Company and managers who put families first. P&G supports employees through their personal and professional journeys.”

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