Febreze Draws on Unlikely Inspiration for New Innovation

Febreze’s new AIRIA Smart Scent Diffuser was made to provide a consistent fragrance experience throughout users’ homes.

Two people in a kitchen. A person in the foreground places a small white airia scent cartridge into a white airiaI scent diffuser. Person in the background looks on.

Inspired by technology from thermal ink-jet printer cartridges that store and dispense liquid with ease, AIRIA’s patented SmartJet technology uses capillary action and heating to consistently dispense gravity-defying, micro-scent droplets of fragrance into the natural air flow of your home.

The cartridge features 32 nozzles that pull fragrance from the reservoir into separate chambers. Printed micro-heaters in each chamber warm the perfume in two-millionths of a second, quickly releasing the fragrance micro-droplets into the air. The technology ensures droplets remain uniform in size and composition from start to finish so consumers can enjoy the same scent experience on Day 1 and on Day 150.

A close up of a person’s iPhone displays the airia app. A white airia scent diffuser is placed next to the phone on a night stand.

AIRIA is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and has an accompanying app, which allows users to customize their fragrance experience in multiple ways:

  • Schedule AIRIA to turn on right when your son gets home from Hockey practice.
  • Change AIRIA’s ambient lighting to match your holiday décor.
  • Track cartridge life and get reminders for refills right before your in-laws arrive.

AIRIA is also safe for use around all members of the family and pets. The device does not get hot to the touch and all AIRIA fragrances are non-toxic. Even better, AIRIA’s fragrance droplets won’t affect furniture and will quickly evaporate after landing on multiple surfaces, like wood or upholstery.

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