Unlocking Peak Performance: How P&G Prioritizes Total Employee Wellbeing

Tailoring mental, financial, physical and work life wellbeing solutions for every P&G employee.

A woman with short, brown hair, wearing an orange turtleneck sweater and standing against a light blue backdrop, holds her left hand to her chin and wears an expression of curious thought. She stands next to the tagline, "investing in our people."

Imagine a work culture that prioritizes total employee wellbeing. One that goes beyond wellness for the sake of work performance to instead focus on the health and vitality of the whole person.

“Our aspiration is to create an environment where every P&G employee can be at their best and feel empowered to achieve their high-impact goals inside and outside of work,” said Sameh Magdy, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Global Total Rewards, Employee, Labor Relations and Corporate Services.

Among his many responsibilities, Magdy leads the team at P&G that focuses on supporting the physical, mental, financial and work-life wellbeing of employees throughout their career journeys.

“This holistic approach helps us provide our people with a diverse menu of wellbeing solutions that is best adapted to their personal needs and priorities throughout the different life stages of their career journey,” said Magdy.

P&G's logo signifies employee wellbeing with a central tagline, "be at my best throughout my career journey." The multicolored circle denotes financial (pink), mental (orange), work-life (green), and physical (blue) wellbeing each with unique illustrations

Here’s why the focus on each wellbeing area is important:

  • PHYSICAL: Supporting employees on their path to good health can mean different things at different times. P&G’s offerings focus on preventive care, physical fitness support and affordable access to medical care for the family.
  • MENTAL: Mentally resilient employees are better able to deal with personal and professional challenges. This starts with employees taking time off from work to rest and recover. It also means access to support and mental health services when times are tough.
  • FINANCIAL: Providing access to education and resources helps empower employees to take a lead role in their long-term financial wellbeing. Employees who are financially secure and planning for their future are better able to navigate life’s bumps in the road.
  • WORK/LIFE: Employees who have day-to-day tools at hand to manage their workday and personal life smoothly and efficiently are better able to balance personal priorities and business contributions.

P&G’s programs offer a variety of tools and resources that help employees to effectively manage their energy, navigate through challenging periods of work and establish the right balance between work and personal priorities. The goal is for employees to be the best version of themselves every day.

P&G Leaders Walking the Walk
P&G leaders set the tone by role modeling wellbeing habits and behaviors. They champion simplifying work and setting priorities to focus on what’s most important.

Loic Tassel, President of Procter & Gamble Europe, believes one key to being successful is the ability to focus.

“Simple habits, regularly applied, help a lot,” he said. “In today’s complex environment, I believe that it is the job of leaders to make the jobs of the teams as simple and straightforward as possible. We must enable focus.”

Mindy Sherwood, President — Global Walmart and Chief Sales Officer, encourages self-care and shares three important tips she has honed over her career: Developing a solid early morning ritual, unplugging and sleeping.

“Investing in yourself so you can live your best life is so worth it,” she said.

To enable a focus on wellbeing among teams, managers are trained to engage in meaningful conversations with employees. They encourage employees to put their wellbeing first and share their needs with their manager.

Prioritizing employee wellbeing enables P&G to provide a superior employee experience where everyone wins. It allows leaders to foster a growth mindset, helps mitigate burnout risks, creates a more inclusive culture and improves our ability to attract and retain the best talent.

For more details about our focus on wellbeing and the benefits we provide team members and to see current job openings, visit PGCareers.