Improving Lives with Superior Brands

P&G leaders brought to life our focus on superiority at Investor Day 2022.

Delivering irresistibly superior propositions across product performance, packaging, brand communication, retail execution and value is how P&G brands win with our consumers and retail partners.

Continued investment in these five vectors of superiority is critical to drive sustainable business growth. Even when our costs are rising sharply, we will not diverge from this strategy, especially when consumers are ever more focused on the performance and value of the brands they choose.

P&G leaders shared a number of examples of superiority across the portfolio during our Investor Day in November 2022.

Fabric & Home Care CEO Sundar Raman on stage at Investor Day in November 2022.

Fabric & Home Care CEO Sundar Raman discussed superiority across the portfolio at Investor Day in November 2022.

Dawn Powerwash — Fabric & Home Care
In fiscal 2021, P&G introduced Dawn Powerwash, a dishwashing spray to help consumers wash dishes “on the go” as they cook. This addresses a changing consumer habit of washing dishes at the end of the meal to instead washing them while they cook. Dawn Powerwash uses Dawn’s core grease cleaning technologies to extend performance for “more” growth beyond dish washing.

Dawn has grown over 50% since the launch of Powerwash, driving nearly 90% of the category growth.
“Our relentless focus on our virtuous value creation cycle of superiority, category growth, operational excellence and productivity gives us confidence in our future growth,” said Fabric & Home Care CEO Sundar Raman.

Pampers Swaddlers — Baby, Feminine & Family Care
Superior packaging highlights the benefits of Swaddlers, such as being the “No. 1 pediatrician recommended brand” and “with up to 100% leakproof skin protection.”

Fama Francisco, CEO of Baby, Feminine & Family Care, detailed how the brand step-changed its superior retail execution, expanding in-store distribution. Pampers also step-changed superior brand communication in its advertising, shifting its media mix to become digitally led, allowing the team to decrease media spend while increasing reach, increasing frequency of reach and growing sales double digits.

“Swaddlers was a key contributor to North America Baby Care, driving category growth and delivering a double digit increase in organic sales last fiscal year,” Francisco said.

P&G Beauty CEO Alex Keith presented at Investor Day in November 2022.

P&G Beauty CEO Alex Keith presented at Investor Day in November 2022.

Olay Vitamin C, Safeguard Premium Body Wash — Beauty Care
The P&G Beauty portfolio includes leading and iconic brands like Olay, Pantene and Head & Shoulders, which typically hold the No. 1 or No. 2 position in the markets where they are present.

Alex Keith, P&G Beauty CEO and Corporate Sponsor, Sustainability, highlighted ingredient-led innovation in Skin Care, like Olay’s Vitamin C + Peptide 24 collection, which struck the right balance of performance, potency and in-use delight. This innovation earned the No. 1 product launch spot in U.S. Skin Care in calendar year 2021.

Keith also shared that in Personal Care, China’s Safeguard premium body washes “leveraged superior brand communications and superior, value-creating retailer partnerships, helping to deliver more than double-digit annual sales growth for the brand over the past three years.”

Vicks and Oral-B iO — Health Care
Health Care CEO Jennifer Davis presented on the Health Care portfolio, highlighting how the sector continues to drive superiority.

“Vicks is an example of enduring irresistible superiority that we’ve continued to build upon with innovations,” Davis said. “These include new benefits and forms like sensate patches and shower pucks, providing new occasions and ways to enjoy the experience of VapoRub.”

She said we have also invested in VapoRub communication, reminding consumers of their childhood while modernizing the brand and generating trial of new forms.

In Oral Care, we created a new gold standard in the super premium power toothbrush segment with the launch of Oral-B iO in 2020. iO removes 100% more plaque than a manual brush and 6X more plaque along the gumline, where it matters most, within 8 weeks. “This is critical to the prevention of gingivitis and more serious issues,” said Davis.

Our team has delivered all 5 vectors of superiority to make iO a success. In the two years since launch, iO has contributed 70% of category growth. About 30% of iO users traded in from a manual brush, indicating the significant value consumers experience when making this change.

Gillette Labs products

GilletteLabs delivers noticeable superiority and value that is delighting consumers.

GilletteLabs — Grooming
Gary Coombe, CEO of Grooming, shared an overview of our Grooming sector, an industry in which P&G is the global leader.

He highlighted the new GilletteLabs razor with exfoliating bar, which addresses a key barrier to men shaving more frequently by turning shaving from an occasional chore to an everyday delight — by making shaving effortless.

“With a striking new design and color and a beautiful product in beautiful packaging, we’ve painted stores, media and even national monuments, black and neon green to launch this new razor,” Coombe said. “Retailer support and the consumer reaction have been outstanding.”

P&G COO Shailesh Jejurikar presents on Enterprise Markets at Investor Day 2022.

P&G COO Shailesh Jejurikar presents on Enterprise Markets at Investor Day 2022.

Brazil Downy — Enterprise Markets
Also at Investor Day 2022, P&G Chief Operating Officer Shailesh Jejurikar highlighted examples of innovation within P&G’s Enterprise Markets. (Learn more about our corporate structure.)

“Enterprise Markets play an important role in positioning us for the future,” Jejurikar said. “P&G’s ability to overcome a wide variety of challenges, particularly inflation and currency devaluation, in Enterprise Markets and deliver our integrated growth strategy is a proof point in our ability to do the same in the rest of the world.”

The drivers of our results in Enterprise Markets, as for the rest of the company, center on our integrated strategic choices.

Jejurikar shared an example that in Brazil, Downy is converting users by strengthening core superiority of the brand’s long-lasting perfume, leveraging media as an engine of growth and expanding into new channels of distribution — including online and high-frequency stores — and is growing penetration and sales.