2024 It’s Our Home Sustainability Awards

Illustration of planet earth in the shape of a star. Text reads, "Sustainability stars. It's our home 2024."

For the fifth consecutive year, our global It’s Our Home Sustainability Awards celebrated individuals and teams from around the world whose significant contributions are making a difference, accelerating progress, and creating value while reducing environmental impact, across three levels:

  • Reducing our environmental footprint — our operations and supply chain.
  • Enabling people to reduce their environmental footprint when they use our products.
  • Reducing the footprint of the industry sectors where we operate by being a catalyst for cross-value chain collaboration and taking an open-arms approach to innovation.

We know that progress is all about the people — the perspectives they bring, the assumptions they challenge and their motivation that fuels action and creates value. It is important to spotlight their solutions that are making a difference.

Fourteen winners were selected out of more than 420 nominations. Below are just a few examples of the winners.

Impact on P&G’s Footprint

Illustration of trees, electric truck, windmill and house graphic. Text in graphic reads, "Impact on P&G’s footprint."

P&G’s responsibility starts in our own house. This award category spotlights how we are working to reduce our environmental footprint in areas where we have direct control — that is, the design, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of products.

Our Feminine Care manufacturing team in Budapest established a glidepath to reduce their facility’s energy consumption over the next three years by leveraging solar panels, energy-savings projects and geothermal energy that’s expected to replace a majority of their gas needs. Their work to share and reapply learnings has made them a benchmark site within P&G and the company’s supply network.

Enabling Consumers to Reduce their Footprint

Illustration of a man carrying shopping bags, kitchen sinks and washing machine. Text reads, "Enabling consumers to reduce their footprint."

This category recognizes teams creating products that deliver an irresistibly superior experience to delight people using them while making it easier to reduce energy, waste, and water at home.

Bottle of Fairy Max Power green dish soap, dirty pan with animated baby on a sponge washing the dirt away.

The Home Care team in Europe is helping people achieve Fairy’s best clean faster, while also using less energy and saving on their bills. Because the majority of handwashing and dishwashers’ carbon footprint comes from heating the water, the team showed how with Fairy people can switch from a normal to short cycle to save CO2 and water and wash cooler to save energy.

Ad from China with Safeguard logo and a bottle of Safeguard Detox in the center of a white flower with the sky behind it.

The Safeguard foaming body wash team in China is sharing how the product helps to save water, cuts application and rinsing time and results in a reduction of time spent in the shower. The team communicated this holistic value proposition, ultimately helping drive category growth.

Industry-Wide Impact

Illustration of buildings, factory, windmill, trees, a lake and a home. Text reads, "industry-wide impact."

Here we recognize the broader industry benefits of our innovation and collaboration, which is all about partnering with others to achieve the scale that’s needed to transform systems.

Our global perfume compaction program is a new approach to designing product perfumes, providing no trade-off on the scent experience. The team is replacing large volumes of bulk ingredients with materials created to deliver the same impact with less weight. The result: a nearly identical scent experience that reduces CO2 without impacting the delight of the people using the product. We also enrolled leading perfume houses to work with us on this approach and apply it across the industry.

Rising Star

Illustration of the sun and clouds over the Earth; underneath is the P&G logo with blue leaves on either side. Text reads, "rising stars award."

With the rising star award, P&G recognizes employees who have been at the company for less than four years and have used their leadership, passion and conviction to enable constructive disruption, value creation and reduction of our environmental footprint.

Our two winners are Samuel Thurstone and Cassidy Strickler. Under Samuel’s leadership, P&G North America implemented our first battery electric customer delivery transportation solution, providing insights into electric vehicle technology and charging infrastructure. Cassidy is a champion of water efficiency in our Family Care facilities and led a savings project at our Green Bay plant.

John Pepper Excellence and Mastery Sustainability Award

Illustration of the earth. Underneath is the P&G logo with blue leaves on either side. Text reads, "The John Pepper excellence and mastery sustainability award."

This award is given to one individual who has demonstrated exceptional mastery of sustainability. This year’s winner is Katrin Meincke, Global Fabric Care sustainability communications, who has led Tide and Ariel’s work to help people reduce their footprint at home.

Congratulations to all our winners of the It’s Our Home Awards who embrace what it means to create irresistible superiority that is sustainable.