Ending Animal Testing — Together

P&G scientists and animal welfare leaders step forward to end animal testing.

A rabbit with a light brown coat sits in the middle of a field of grass, next to the P&G logo and tagline Ending Animal Testing - Together.

At P&G we began our journey to end animal testing more than 40 years ago. During that time, we have invested more than $480 million to advance non-animal safety science and urge global regulators to accept these methods.

Because of our efforts, much has been achieved. Today, better safety science without animal testing has been adopted across industry and is a scientific reality in many cases. While we are closer to our ultimate goal — ending animal testing once and forever — some work still needs to be done.

That’s why we are a Diamond Sponsor of the 12th World Congress on Non-Animal Alternatives. The World Congress is the largest and most important scientific congress on non-animal methods, bringing together the world’s leading experts from academia, NGOs, industry and regulatory authorities. P&G has sponsored this global event since the first World Congress on Alternatives was held in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1993.

Learn more about P&G’s efforts to end animal testing.

P&G published a peer-reviewed paper, in partnership with academia, as a map to the road ahead to end animal testing in safety assessments and how to get those adopted in global safety regulations.

In June 2023, leading experts from P&G called for change and paradigm shifts in global ingredient regulations needed to unleash animal free safety science. Read the article in Politico.

And we will continue doing so during the WC12. Eight of P&G’s leading experts will share latest developments in animal-free safety science at the World Congress and will discuss with global experts what needs to be true to end animal testing — once and forever.

Understanding the magnitude of our responsibility, we are proud to be playing an important role in driving forward scientific solutions and using Science For Good to end animal testing globally together.

To learn more about our efforts, visit: https://us.pg.com/cruelty-free/, https://us.pg.com/cruelty-free/nam-science/ and https://us.pg.com/cruelty-free/achievements/.