Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet the Innovators Behind P&G’s Everyday Innovations

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re introducing some of P&G’s Hispanic innovators behind the everyday products your family loves.

Hispanic man with grey hair and a blue shirt stands in front of a P&G sign that hangs in the background.

Adriano Maturino, Grooming Manufacturing Senior Director

Adriano is operating P&G’s first fully sustainable manufacturing facility in Latin America, Planta Milenio. He leads 2,000 employees who supply Shave Care products to North America and Latin America. Located in Irapuato, Mexico, 100% of all the energy needed to manufacture blades and razors is renewable energy from a wind farm.

At the Milenio Plant, Maturino leads efforts that contribute to P&G’s 2030 Ambition such as implementing monitoring and analytics digital solutions for production lines, utilizing energy smart sectioning for utilities, and educating employees to identify and eliminate sustainability defects like air leaks that can lead to unnecessary energy consumption.


While advancing sustainability efforts is important, Maturino is most proud of his work during the COVID crisis. During this time, he led P&G’s Manaus Plant in Brazil in implementing a strategy the team called, “For Us, For Our Families and For Manaus.” With this initiative, Maturino helped roll out safety protocols for employees and supported the city of Manaus with a donation of 410 oxygen cylinders, over 1,000 N95 masks, 42 mechanical respirators and 1 mini oxygen generation plant for hospitals.

A young Hispanic girl, Hispanic man and Hispanic woman hold hands as they run across a marathon finish line.

Maturino is passionate about innovation and manufacturing because they give him an opportunity to further develop his growth mindset, bring forth new ideas and envision what may come in the future. “Be curious, ask questions. The only wrong question is the one you are not asking.”

An adult woman, adult man, and two young girls pose together in the Space 220 Restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort. The restaurant windows simulate a panoramic view of Earth from outer space.

Sagra Mondragon, Alce Blanco Plant Manager

Since joining P&G 17 years ago, Sagra Mondragon’s dream job had been to lead a manufacturing site.

Now, as Alce Blanco’s plant manager, she oversees the facility which supplies manual toothbrushes to Latin America and produces dental floss that’s used in households across the globe. Here, Mondragon and her team are working to improve consumers’ Oral Health through a touchless and resilient end-to-end supply chain and by accelerating sustainability goals, already accomplishing P&G’s Ambition 2040 by becoming the first One Health plant to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions.

In her role, Mondragon leans into complex problems, builds a diverse organization and challenges the plant’s team to raise the bar.

“Some of my biggest drivers are learning new things and developing others,” she says. “One of my greatest accomplishments has been witnessing my team grow and accomplish inspiring goals.”

An adult woman, adult man, and two young girls pose in winter ski clothes and goggles, with a snowy mountain view in the background.

Outside of work Mondragon loves to read, play board games with her kids, and learn continuously. “These three things translate to my work as well,” she says. “They push my creativity and help find new solutions for current issues.”

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Germara Villalongo Andino, Personal Healthcare Group Scientist

“I firmly believe that people and the planet are intrinsically connected,” said Germara Villalongo Andino, Personal Healthcare Group Scientist. “That’s why I’m so passionate about designing environmental and socially- sustainable products.”

In her seven years at P&G, Villalongo Andino has helped develop liquid cough, cold and flu products that are free from ingredients consumers don’t want — such as high fructose corn syrup, alcohol, artificial flavors or artificial dyes — and that reduce the use of plastic in each bottle.

While fulfilling, Villalongo Andino’s greatest accomplishment has been helping to further connect P&G to the greater Cincinnati area. As an active community member herself, Villalongo Andino saw an opportunity for P&G to become more involved.

With Villalongo Andino’s help, P&G founded Te Da la Mano, a mentorship and recruiting program that has now evolved into P&G Aspire. Through this program, P&G builds connections with schools and students in the Greater Cincinnati community, bringing opportunities for students to learn more about careers at P&G.

Outside of work, Villalongo Andino seeks inspiration through being outside in nature, reading, painting and learning about other cultures.

“I leverage all these learnings as creativity,” she said. “Innovation is everywhere in my life.”