A Long History of Misspelling Our Company’s Name

Proctor... or is it Procctor?

Search P&G online and you’ll find endless variations of the spelling of Procter & Gamble — but we haven't always gotten the name quite right ourselves!

Proctor... or is it Procctor? Or is it Gambler?

Since our company’s founding in 1837 by brothers-in-law William Procter and James Gamble, our name has not just represented their respective soap and candle businesses — it’s represented superior products and experiences for our consumers.

If you've ever made the mistake, don't worry, you're not alone. Even one of our CEOs misspelled the company’s name when they signed up for their first interview! Below are some 1970s adverts with a few misspellings. Our personal favorite is the misspelling just below the correct spelling in the first image — they were so close!

1970 Store Ad - Moonbeams
1971 Gibson Store Ad
1971 Osco Drug Ad

Below is a freshly dusted off ad from the archives (thanks, Swiffer!) that shows even we make misspellings — and as far back as 159 years! Below is an 1864 advert from the Cincinnati Enquirer misspelling our company name. The label reads: “Proctor & Gamble.”

1843 Cincinnati City Directory

Even the ampersand in our name is meaningful.

Before Procter and Gamble was Procter & Gamble, the brothers-in-law had two separate companies selling soaps and candles. During the Panic of 1837, their father-in-law Alexander Norris convinced the men to go into business together. Not ones to waste anything, Procter began writing “& Gamble” on his existing stationary creating the company name we know today — one of our earliest sustainability efforts. In 1995, the ampersand became part of our official P&G trademark.

In some cases, due to translation errors or misunderstandings, Procter & Gamble has even been replaced with entirely different words. Our internal employee communications team gathered some of these in a 1955 employee newsletter. From brand advertisements (our own!) to all the creative ways we've seen the name spelled, one thing is certain: this is not a new problem!

But we saved every letter

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